Nickel Brook Brewing have recently gone through a re-brand, mostly related to their can graphics and layout for the entire core line-up of beers. Snazzy, eh?

In terms of Fall/Winter releases, there’s ZAP! Sour IPA, flavoured with Cranberry and Ginger, Metal Head Double IPA with a new look and all new recipe, and Black Light stout, which was formerly called Cheeky Bastard.

They’re also releasing the latest versions of their popular barrel aged series, starting with the return of Glory & Gold, a bourbon barrel-aged Cuvée, Kentucky Bastard (Imperial stout aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels), and Café del Bastardo (aged in Bourbon barrels with coffee beans)

This year, for the first time they are also releasing a “Holiday Mix Pack” featuring three flagship brews and three seasonal brews. No Bad Daze (Lager), Naughty Neighbour (American Pale Ale), Tongue Tied (Double Dry Hopped IPA), Metal Head (Double IPA), ZAP! Cranberry & Ginger (Fruited sour IPA), and Black Light (Stout). Yes please!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to their website to find these and more that are sure to get you through the holidaze, and into 2022 before you know it. Cheers!

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