Vodkow was the first distillery to transform unused milk sugar into an incredibly smooth and clean spirit.  They  use a sugar rarely used to make spirits: milk sugar. Milk sugar, or lactose, is a natural, healthy sugar. It was first fermented to make alcohol by the Mongols over a thousand years ago.  Read more about the process here, and watch a short video here.

In addition to the awesome vodka product, it only makes sense for a dairy distillery to offer cream based liquors as well Last year they launched a few different products, which sold out almost instantly.

This year they’ve upped their ante once again, now producing four different variations, and working with local partners. There’s the original Cream Liquor and also worked with local chocolate maker, Hummingbird Chocolate, on a Chocolate Cream Liquor, as well as collaborating with Fulton’s Maple Syrup producer to create a Maple Cream Liquor. They also have an amazing Coffee Cream Liquor. Can we have a big Yum, Yum!

The “Almonte Friendship Series” is a collection of four Vodkow cream liquors: classic, maple, chocolate and coffee. Each features ingredients crafted by fellow artisans from Almonte, Ontario. This Friendship series is now available at LCBOs across Ontario, as well as at vodkow.com for delivery right to your front door. Also, check out this  Vodkow chocolate cream gift box.

The combo four-pack comes in convenient 250ml bottles, that are perfect for creating specialty holiday cocktails. Looking for some inspiration? Check out these recipes and get mixing!

The Vodkow Dairy Distillery and tasting room is located in Almonte, Ontario, a short drive from Ottawa Products are also available in numerous LCBOs across the province, and at select liquor stores in Alberta and Nova Scotia, with others soon to follow.

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