For those looking to give their liver a break or just prefer a non-alcoholic cocktail, try one of these new alcohol-free alternatives. I’ve tried them, and they are very similar in taste and texture to the real thing, yet without the hangover! Try them on their own, with your favourite mix, or go wild with a classy cocktail creation. 

Sexy AF Spirits

First off, let’s clarify the name. That’s Sexy Alcohol Free (Sexy AF), but however you say it, these alcohol alternatives are simply delicious. 

From major Hollywood productions to Netflix and Amazon shows, SEXY AF Spirits is quickly becoming the “it” brand for celebrities, athletes and social media influencers who are sober, sober curious or mindful drinking and cutting back on their alcohol consumption. Now with the first ever Double Gold medal awarded to an alcohol-free spirit, an unprecedented four Double Gold medals and five medals overall at the World Spirit Awards in San Francisco, SEXY AF Spirits is positioned for a major global expansion into the most influential bars, restaurants, resorts & casinos around the World.

Each flavour has 30 calories per serving, is alcohol free, sugar free, allergen free and gluten free.  We are Plant Based, Kosher and Halal and will get the plant based & Kosher certifications once we move into our new facility, the Halal certification we have tried to get 3 times and each time we pass all beverage / ingredient tests but then they won’t accept it because of the word Sexy, not sure why they don’t start with that but they don’t and we have given up on the certification especially if we have the other two ready soon as we move into our facility.

Ingredients are as follows:

Demineralized Treated Water by Reverse Osmosis, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Botanical Extracts, Natural Flavour, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

Try each of these unique offerings – ViiRGiiN is Juniper forward Gin, Triple Sexy is Triple Sec (Orange), and Amar-Oh is Amaro, but a lot of people use it as a Whiskey.

Kamparii is Campari (Bitter Orange) and an interesting note in it is the actual Campari rep served it for an hour at an event and no one noticed, one guy even thought he was drunk which obviously was not the case. Spiced Rum is next with many layers of botanicals and the complexity of the spirit. It is hard to do Vodka (obviously just tastes like water).

These products are suitable for any restaurant / bar / night club offering Sexy AF as an alternative to the alcohol in their existing cocktails.  They can make any cocktail Sexy AF, by substituting out the alcohol with a Sexy AF fitting product.  These are generally existing and well known cocktail recipes. They would make a mocktail, which would be a unique cocktail created specifically for the Sexy AF flavours and would be specific for that bar (ex. a Mixologist makes a “Toronto Tonic For A Leafs Loss” and he uses 1 oz ViirGiin 1 oz Grapefruit Juice .5 oz Lime garnish with wedge …. so that would be a very unique cocktail made up in that establishment and would be considered a mocktail.

NEW Friski Whiski | Alcohol Free Spirit

AF Friski Whiski is an alcohol free whisky made for mocktails. Tasting like a classic whisky features botanicals like All Spice, Angelica, Cinnamon and many more.  Our Friski Whiski has many benefits for people wishing to drink alcohol free or non alcoholic mocktails.

With Sexy AF Spirits you can create your favorite mocktail recipes. Using ingredients many people already have like orange juice, grapefruit juice, coconut milk, pineapple juice, fresh mint leaves or lemon juice you can create your own refreshing booze free mixed drinks in the comfort of your own home.  *Once opened, please refrigerate.

More and more people are choosing the health benefits of refreshing, alcohol free cocktails. Next time you are out with family or friends, put down that sparkling water and lime juice and tell your server you want a mocktail that’s Sexy AF!

Every Sexy AF product is handcrafted from plant-based ingredients. The alcohol free spirits are sugarfree, gluten free with only 30 calories per ounce. Be sure to grab a copy of the Sexy AF Recipe Book

$39.99 CAD for 750 ml

$29.99 USD for 750 ml

$19.99 CAD for 375 ml

$14.99 USD for 375 ml

Free shipping on orders of $100USD or more

Jo-Anne Reynolds – CEO & Founder

Jo was on a girls trip when all ladies she was with were not drinking alcohol because they were pregnant, marathon training or for religious beliefs. Their only options were sparkling water with lime juice or a Shirley Temple plus the usual soda pop, coffee or tea.  When Jo-Anne got home she envisioned a world where everyone could enjoy a delicious, refreshing, alcohol free mocktail anywhere.  She also wanted drink recipes that featured items Jo could easily find and make as a mother and not a mixologist. All her friends wanted was a mocktail that was Sexy AF and Jo was committed to making it the World’s Best Tasting Alcohol Free Spirits company. Jo began researching booze free beverage options and realized almost all existing options were non alcoholic. This means the beverage has 1.5% alcohol or less but is able to be called non alcoholic. When added to simple syrup they just make a sugary, sweet alcoholic cocktail like we are all used to drinking already. Jo wanted a great tasting alcohol free spirit, that was truly 100% alcohol free, gluten free, allergen free, plant based, Kosher and taste delicious.  36 test batches were created using a variety of techniques, ingredients and more, four were selected with flavour profiles that truly fit the vision of being Sexy AF.  

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CEDER’S, a distilled non-alcoholic, juniper-led “alt-gin” that launched in the UK in 2018 and subsequently expanded to over 24 markets, is making its official US debut.

Embrace the joy of missing out with CEDER’S – a distilled non-alcoholic alt-gin made with exotic South African and classic gin botanicals. Produced in Sweden.  

Dubbed an ‘everyday escape’, CEDER’S provides guilt free enjoyment for those who are mindful about alcohol consumption but interested in a sophisticated, interesting, adult drinking experience. CEDER’S is hand crafted and available in four expressions:

·        CEDER’S Classic (akin to a classic gin, mostly juniper but with floral hints)

·        CEDER’S Crisp (juniper combined with citrus, cucumber and camomile)

·        CEDER’S Wild (juniper combined with ginger, clove and rooibos)

·        CEDER’S Pink Rose (juniper combined with rose and hibiscus) – launched this past April

CEDER’s comes to the US as interest in low- and no- alcohol products continues to expand, providing an elevated, flavorful gin offering to non-drinkers or more health conscious imbibers who want to enjoy an ‘adult’ beverage at the end of a long day or while out with friends. CEDER’S, crafted from South African botanicals and combined with pristine Swedish water, is best enjoyed with a simple, premium mixer and varying garnishes. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and has 1-2 calories per serving with zero sugar.

Check out these suggested recipes.


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