You want to lose weight, eat right, and get toned. You have the perfect meal plan, and exercise program planned out, but then “life” gets in the way. You go on vacation. You get invited to a friend’s house for dinner. There’s no healthy food at work. And that’s just scratching the surface.

So what do you do? Do you stick your head in the sand, pretending that these difficult logistics don’t exist? Or do you acknowledge them, and work around them? Well, in this article, I’ll teach you how to work around difficult logistics. So after reading this, there will be no more excuses, princess. Got it? Good.


Sometimes, I hear someone say “I just couldn’t eat right, I was eating at a restaurant.” Poppycock (how do you like that 1850s slang? I didn’t even need a thesaurus for that one). Almost every restaurant you go to has a salad, and meat or fish. There is no reason to blow your nutrition program just because you’re in a restaurant.

The key, however, is planning. Here is what we tell our clients to do: look at the menu of the restaurant online, preferably after you’ve just eaten. That’s when you’re thinking most logically.

And plan ahead of time what you’ll order once you get to the restaurant.

Usually, by the time you’re already in the restaurant, it’s too late. You’re hungry, so you’ll look at the best-tasting thing on the menu. And unfortunately, the best-tasting thing isn’t the healthiest.

Know what you’ll order before you set foot in the restaurant.

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Just like with the restaurant, everywhere you go will have salad and fish or meat, so there’s no excuses there either. Of course, you may want to try some foreign, exotic dishes. That’s understandable. But plan that into your trip.

Know exactly which dishes you want to try, and when.

A vacation is no reason to pig out, and return home bloated, and 5 pounds heavier.

That’s a classic example of sticking your head in the sand. Your body doesn’t care if you’re eating chocolate cake on vacation or chocolate cake at home. Chocolate cake is still chocolate cake, no matter how you slice it (you like that pun?)

If you have a peanut allergy, it doesn’t go away when you’re on vacation. Neither does your body’s reaction to any food.


The key in business meetings, as with the previous two circumstances is to plan ahead. Know what you’ll order before you get to the restaurant.

But there’s an additional element. One tactic you can use is to be the first to order. If you order the healthiest thing there, firstly, everyone will be impressed, and secondly, more people are likely to follow suit.


Now there’s no menu to check online, so you feel obligated to have what your friend prepared for you. You’d feel it would be rude not to.

But let’s flip the tables. Let’s say that you’re the host, and you have guests coming over. If a guest told you ahead of time that they’re lactose intolerant, that they’re allergic to shellfish, or that they keep kosher, would you think that they’re being rude and imposing on you? No. You’d feel understanding, and you want them to enjoy themselves, because you want to feel like a good host.

Well, the person whose house you’re going to also wants to feel like a good host so………if you want to read the rest of this article, visit How to Eat Healthy in Tough Situations.

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