Indoor air quality has become more important than ever these days, and based on the success of Dreo’s tower fans and space heaters, the company has now entered the air purifier market as well.


To be completely honest, I only really started looking at home purifiers after the pandemic hit and we all started thinking about the air that we breathe. I actually purchased two smaller units a few years back, and was skeptical as to how effective they would be. I have about 600 sq ft of living space, so I put one in the bedroom and one in the living area. Overall, I wasn’t sure if they were actually working at all, even when I left them on overnight.

This new Dreo purifier is awesome is so many ways. First, the sleek black design means it can be placed anywhere in the home, and easily fits in among your furnishings without standing out as a purifier. Secondly, when on silent mode, there is literally no sound that can be heard from the other side of the room. Thirdly, within an hour any lingering scents seemed to disappear into thin air, pun intended. The most common odor in my household is the smells of cooking, and when I click on the purifier while cooking, there appears to be no lingering odors once the meal is done. I also burn toast quite a bit, so thanks again Dreo for clearing that up!

Since switching over to Dreo, I have the unit centrally positioned so that it works the whole unit, saving space from having two separate units. Each unit contains a medical-grade H13 True HEPA filter, and also a pre-filter to trap dust, lint, and other airborne particles. The filter is made to last several months, and even up to a year or longer, depending on the size of room and amount of usage. There’s even a colour coded lighting system to let you know when it’s time to change the filter. For those days when there might be lingering odours from dampness, cooking, or other contaminants, just fire it up to turbo for a faster cleaning process. For maximum effect, be sure to keep the windows closed when operating the purifier. Overall, this compact, smartly designed purifier is one of the better new purifier products on the market today, and for the price point (under $150) it’s great value as well.

Dreo purifiers are available on Amazon and direct from the website.

Dreo TurboPure motor technology is ten times better at drawing air from afar, making sure that the air in your entire room is thoroughly purified. Pioneering Air Duct, with supercharged 360-degree air intake system enables every room to be cleaned in a few minutes. Certified to help you save more on electric bills. Running for a week costs approximately 30 cents while running in auto-mode, consuming less energy than a light bulb.

Dreo‘s mission is to make sustainable living more accessible, and to deliver sustainable innovations that truly benefit people’s home lives. To help reduce energy costs and achieve more efficient human-machine communication, the company has been developing a brand new AIoT platform that allows users to access their appliances anytime, anywhere. These appliances embrace the internet and artificial intelligence to help everyone improve their living experience in a more energy-efficient way.

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