Intimate poems of love and death, memory and lost youth. A remarkable tapestry reminding us that poetry is often what saves us.

Jeffrey Round’s second poetry collection stitches together the fabric of love with autobiographical threads. His confessional lyric poetry traces love as star-filled erotic ecstasy, heartbreak, rueful burning, tender secret, or cold emptiness louder than the inside/of shells.  Focusing on lovers, close friends, his own father, as well as teen and adult suicides, gay bashing, and hustlers of lost dreams, the book is often hypnotic and rhapsodic. True to its metaphorical title, the collection’s threads can be frail or strong, clever enough to snag a poignant moment or epiphany, or, when pulled hard enough, unravel its patterns.”

Keith Garebian, author of Blue: The Derek Jarman Poems

Jeffrey Round is an award-winning author, filmmaker, and song writer. His breakout novel, A Cage of Bones , based on his experiences as a model in Europe’s fashion industry, was listed on AfterElton’s 50 Best Gay books. Lake on the Mountain, the first in a seven-book series featuring missing-persons investigator Dan Sharp, won a Lambda Award for Best Gay Mystery. His short film, My Heart Belongs to Daddy , won awards for Best Canadian Director and Best Use of Music, among others. In the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci , his previous poetry collection, was nominated for a ReLit Award. In 2021 he took top juried prizes around the world for his music video, Don’t You Think I Know. He lives in Toronto.

Available from Beautiful Dreamer Press, March, 2022.


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