Non-alcoholic beverage brand Gruvi has added several new products to their already established line up. Taking direct feedback from consumers via QR code on their cans, Gruvi has perfected an entire new product line including Mocha Nitro Stout, and Juicy IPA beer, along with a Dry Red Blend wine, and Sangria offering.

  • Mocha Nitro Stout is the first of its kind in the North American market. This is a smooth yet full-bodied ale with notes of coffee and chocolate. A sessional stout that’ll have you feeling the hangover-free buzz, no alcohol (or caffeine) required! 60 calories and 0g of added sugar.

TASTE – delicious flavour, more suited for the cooler fall/winter months, but definitely a taste bud delight

  • Juicy IPA is a light-bodied yet complex pale ale that will transport you to the tropics with just one sip. Packs a punch thanks to the mouth-watering combination of tropical flavours, including pineapple, citrus, and fig. 60 calories and 0g of added sugar.

TASTE – not a fan of citrus or hopped up ales, but for those wanting some refreshingly light, this one delivers

  • Dry Red Blend has notes of jammy raspberries and black currant. This velvety smooth wine has a balance of tannins and a hint of oak and coffee creating a depth of flavour that is rarely found in alcohol-free wines.

TASTE – full bodied and flavourful, my preference is for red over white, and this one passed the test. Smooth

  • Sangria is a very unique option to hit the market. This Spanish red wine has bright notes of blood orange, red currant, and blueberry, which are balanced with a warm touch of cinnamon and clove.

TASTE – only N/A sangria product I know of, and I love sangria any time of year. Add fresh fruits and enjoy

Gruvi also has some awesome mocktail recipes. Check our their FAQs for more info on the products.

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