For the second year in a row, Mill Street Brewery is partnering with Canadian Drag Queen, Lemon, to release its limited-edition beer Tea Time Lemon Wheat, in support of Pride monthIn celebration of this launch and pride month, the brand donated $20,000 to Rainbow Railroad – an organization that helps LGBTQI+ individuals escape violence and persecution.

“Working with Mill Street Brewery again to release not only a delicious beer, but one made with purpose that specifically supports such an important cause, is incredibly special to me,” said Lemon, Canadian Drag Queen. “This year, I also had the honour of sitting down with two sisters who received support from Rainbow Railroad to seek safety in Canada, and their first-hand experience gave me a greater perspective on the profound impact that Rainbow Railroad provides to members of the LGBTQI+ community.”

Captured in an emotional and raw two-minute video, Lemon sat down with Kena and Sanchia, who share the retelling of their journey from the Caribbean to Canada, with support from Rainbow Railroad. The sisters’ experience is just one of more than 8,400 personal stories of persecution that Rainbow Railroad received in 2021 as a global not-for-profit organization.

“With Pride month around the corner, we’re thrilled to be once again partnering with Mill Street Brewery and Toronto drag icon, Lemon, as their support for our organization extends beyond just a financial contribution,” said Dane Bland, Rainbow Railroad Director of Development and Communications. “The added awareness our organization receives from brands and public figures – like Mill Street Brewery and Lemon – is instrumental in building new awareness and support of our organization, and its work. Together, it’s also an exceptionally easy way for Ontario-based fans of great craft beer to support an amazing cause.”

Brewed in the heart of Toronto and inspired by Lemon’s effervescent personality, Tea Time Lemon Wheat is a refreshing wheat beer with natural flavour – infused with a blend of decaffeinated Orange Pekoe and Earl Grey teas, and with natural lemon puree – making it the perfect addition to any drag brunch or day out in the sunshine. This limited-edition product is available for purchase at the LCBO, on the Mill Street Brewery e-commerce website, and will be served at the Mill Street Brewpubs in Ottawa and Toronto, while supplies last.

Features of Mill Street Brewery’s Tea Time Lemon Wheat include:

  • A pour with a light amber colour that surprises the palate with its sweetness, sublime tea flavour and subtle lemon twist that fades into a tea aftertaste
  • An ABV of 5% and IBU of 22

Tea Time Lemon Wheat was limited to our Brewpubs last year, so for year two we’re proud to be bringing this product to more consumers across Ontario, and in turn raise more awareness and support for Rainbow Railroad,” said Emma Barrett, Head of Marketing Mill Street Brewery. “As a brand, we feel it’s important to continue to learn how to be an effective ally for the LGBTQI+ community by working with dedicated organizations in this space, who act with purpose to help drive meaningful change.”

To celebrate the launch, Mill Street Brewery will be hosting two Tea Time Drag Brunch with Lemon events at the Toronto Brewpub on Saturday, May 21st and Saturday, June 18th, which will feature performances from Lemon and two special guests. One hundred per cent of ticket sales will be donated to Rainbow Railroad and guests can cheers with a Tea Time Lemon Wheat beer while watching an energetic performance.

For more information on how to support Rainbow Railroad, head to and be sure to follow along on social for more updates: Mill Street Brewery on Instagram and Twitter, Lemon on Instagram and Twitter, and Rainbow Railroad on Instagram and Twitter.

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