The mystics who coined the phrase ‘the way of affirmation’ understood the apocalyptic nature of the word yes, the way it can lead out of one life and into another. Moving among the languages of Christian conversion, Classical metamorphosis, seasonal transformation, and gender transition, Luke Hathaway tells the story of the love that rewired his being, asking each of us to experience the transfiguration that can follow upon saying yes—with all one’s heart, with all one’s soul, with all one’s mind, with all one’s strength … and with all one’s body, too.

This is a story of transformation. It is a death. It is a birth.  Birth, of course, is very terrible: what can survive it? His fourth collection, and first since Years, Months, and Days New York Times Best Poetry Book of 2018, The Affirmations is a work of trans poetics in the most radical sense. Begun in motherhood, in an experience of birth as an experience of affirmation, and continued through Hathaway’s transition, The Affirmations is a rerelationing with self and other, elder and myth. It’s a book about what happened when Hathaway fell in love—and about what happened when love shot the messenger.

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