If you are looking for a fun twist on a summer road trip why not pick up Haunted Road Atlas, the debut book from Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz, co-hosts of the hit podcast, And That’s Why We Drink. Haunted Road Atlas is your interactive guide to the hosts’ favourite spooky and sinister sights throughout the U.S. Pack your bags and your Ouija board, get in your vehicle, grab your copy of Haunted Road Atlas, and then set out on a memorable road trip for Summer ’22.

Jam-packed with illustrations, fun facts, travel tips, and beverage recs, this guide includes some of the country’s most notorious crime scenes, hauntings, and supernatural sightings. You’ll also find Christine and Em’s personal recommendations to the best local bars and ice cream parlors, oddity museums, curiosity shoppes, and more. Explore some of the most bizarre cases you’ve heard on the show, as well as exclusive new content from bayous, basements, and bars!

Available from Andrews McMeel Publishing

Christine Schiefer (she/her) and Em Schulz (they/them) are the hosts of paranormal and true crime podcast And That’s Why We Drink. Every Sunday, they dig into a new set of spooky ghost stories and true crime tales. After all, they’re just here for the boos! With over 100 million lifetime downloads, And That’s Why We Drink is consistently featured in the top 20 on the comedy podcast charts and winner of the 2019 and 2021 “People’s Voice” Webby Award for Best Comedy Podcast.

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Bryen Dunn is a freelance journalist based in Toronto with a focus on tourism, lifestyle, entertainment and community issues. He has written several travel articles and has an extensive portfolio of celebrity interviews with musicians, actors and other public personalities. He’s willing to take on any assignments of interest, attend parties with free booze, listen to rants, and travel the world in search of the great unknown. He’s eager to discover the new, remember the past, and look into the future.