Canadians can now get their hands on a game-changing product in the beer category: the first-ever carb-free beer in Canada with no sugar and just 80 calories.Developed by Ace Beverage Group, one of Canada’s fastest growing beverage alcohol companies, Ace Hill Carb Free is available in LCBO stores across Ontario, just in time for summer.

Beer continues to have a substantial impact on Canada’s economy and in 2020, 85 per cent of the beer consumed in Canada was brewed in Canada. Yet due to oversaturation and the recent shift towards healthier beverage options in the Ready-to-Drink sector, the beer category has been declining. The best performing segment of the beer category has been light beers, and the global market for light beers is estimated to grow at a rate of 2.9 per cent between 2021 and­­­­­ 2026, demonstrating consumer demand for a carb-free beer option in this climate.

Health-conscious consumers can now drink a super crisp beer guilt-free with 0g of carbs, 0g of sugar and just 80 calories (vs. over 6g of carbs and 110 calories in existing light beers), all while preserving 4% ABV and a classic beer taste.

The company has also launched several new product offerings across its portfolio this spring, including Cottage Springs Vodka Iced Teas with just 100 calories and only 1g of sugar.  The Cottage Springs Vodka Iced Teas arrived at the LCBO on April 1, and is the #1 premium ready-to-drink brand in Canada. The teas come in four thirst-quenching flavours – Lemon, Peach, Mango and Raspberry. Known for selling out of the popular mix packs, this product is also sold in a 4L boxed format. A Kegger anyone?



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