OUTBermuda, Bermuda’s only LGBTQ+ focused charity, is excited to bring Bermuda Pride  to the public for a full weekend. This year’s celebration will build on the success of Bermuda’s first Pride in 2019, with more entertainment, events, and activities for kids and families alike. This year’s Pride theme is “Love & Live,” and OUTBermuda is inviting Bermuda’s LGBTQ+ folks, allies, and the wider community to celebrate through an intersectional lens and explore what it means to love and live together.

This year’s Pride events include:

  • August 26th – LGBTQ+ 101 Forum on How to Love & Live 

  • August 27th – Pride Parade and Block Party in Hamilton 

  • August 27th – Love & Live Night Party 

  • August 28th – Pride Worship Service 

  • August 28th – Beach Party

All events are free but for the Night Party and the Premium Beach Party experience, both of which are ticketed. We invite the public to head to the Bermuda Pride 2022 website at Pride.bm to learn more, as well as to buy official merchandise. All proceeds will support both the event itself and OUTBermuda’s year-round work.

Olatunji Tucker, a member of the diverse, newly-expanded Board at OUTBermuda and Committee Chair of Bermuda Pride, is leading the team of directors, staff, and volunteers to ensure that this year’s event is inclusive and memorable, encouraging the community to come together.

Celebrating who we are and showing our diversity is beautiful,” said Mr. Tucker. “Pride offers education for the masses, support for the LGBTQ+ community, a chance to showcase our love for each other, and an opportunity to truly be ourselves. I hope that following our 2022 Pride celebration, Bermuda will take another step forward in understanding the LGBTQ+ community and recognize that we are all in this together. Let’s support each other and continue to love and live.”

Tiffany Paynter, OUTBermuda’s first Executive Director, added: “I’d really like to thank our Pride 2022 organizing committee, who’ve been volunteering their time and expertise over the last few months, for all the work they’ve done and continue to do behind the scenes to make Pride possible. I’d also like to thank our individual donors and corporate sponsors for finding Bermuda Pride worthy of their time and support. All the funds raised support the event itself, and all remaining funds go to assist the great work that OUTBermuda is doing and plans to do over the next year. It’s an exciting time for us!”

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