Paqui Tortilla Chips has announced the return of the (hot as hell) PAQUI ONE CHIP CHALLENGE for its sixth year. The 2022 One Chip Challenge is so shocking that only the bravest will dare to face The Reaper. Made with two of the hottest peppers in the world, Carolina Reaper Pepper and Scorpion Pepper, this high voltage chip was created for the shocking pleasure of intense heat and pain. The only way to prove you’ve dared to take on this year’s #OneChipChallenge is to show off your blue tongue.

“We are excited to make our debut in Canadian stores with the PAQUI ONE CHIP CHALLENGE now available in Sobeys and Safeway stores,” said Paqui Senior Brand Manager, Brandon Kieffer. “Fans be warned, this year’s chip isn’t for the faint of heart and there’s no cheating the test. Only the bravest will be able to prove they faced the Reaper when they show off their blue tongue after completing the challenge.”

Stay tuned for the PAQUI ONE CHIP CHALLENGE Hot Ones special episode that airs Aug. 25 on First We Feast’s YouTube channel, featuring a gnarly guest star trying the #OneChipChallenge.

Priced at $8.99 CAD, the 2022 Paqui One Chip Challenge is all thriller and no filler, made with simple seasoning ingredients that create an intense spice combination that will humble even the toughest of participants. Those who dare to handle the heat can go to and Amazon to purchase the chip online or can shop at local participating retailers like Sobeys and Safeway.


Fans who are brave enough to face The Reaper should share this year’s experience on social by showing off their blue tongue and tagging @paquichips with the hashtag #OneChipChallenge on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Fans can spread the heat and dare their friends, enemies, or frenemies to the challenge and see if they too can handle the shock of this year’s PAQUI ONE CHIP CHALLENGE.


Ranked from “Freakin’ Hot to Not Hot,” Paqui flavors include

  • Haunted Ghost Pepper: The spiciest and most popular flavor of Paqui’s lineup, these chips are freakin’ hot and contain a mix of Ghost Pepper, Cayenne Pepper and Chipotle Pepper.

  • Fiery Chile Limón: Known to pack a spicy punch from red chile peppers and a kick of lime, this chip is a dynamic mix of spicy and tart.

  • Jalapeño Tropicale: The perfect blend of sweet and heat with spicy jalapeños and a touch of pineapple flavors.

  • Zesty Salsa Verde: One of the milder flavors, but this chip still has a kick with a combination of tangy tomatillos and smooth sour cream.

  • Mucho Nacho Cheese: Made with real cheddar and real spices, Mucho Nacho Cheese is a nacho lover’s dream and will satisfy cheesy tortilla chip cravings without artificial flavors and ingredients.

Paqui’s everyday chips are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.

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