There’s nothing more important than staying hydrated when doing outdoor activities or spending extended time in the heat. How many times have you taken your bottle of water with you on a hike or bike ride, only to find out you’ve drank it all and still have a ways to go with no refill station in sight?

Tried and trusted over the years as the first brand name in the hydration market, Camelbak have been keeping the thirsty throats of adventurers quenched for many years. They have some great standard bottles for staying hydrated on shorter excursions, compact hydration packs that you could put into your luggage for longer day hikes, other day packs with hydration units built in, and of course lots of drink ware suited for every day life.

As well, they just launched these new awesome Fusion Reservoirs this summer that use a waterproof toothless zipper, vs. a screw on cap or folding closure, which makes them easier to clean and dry. They can be slipped into any pack that has a hydration pocket in it (like almost every backpacking or day hiking pack nowadays), or for multi-day trips they can be used as an additional hydration pack providing more than enough fluids to keep you conquering along your journey. Click on the links below to discover more on these innovative products, and gear up for the crisp fall days ahead that are the best for getting exercise in the great outdoors!

Here are a few latest and greatest hydration pack options as well. Day Hiking Packs perfect for day hikes and other travel adventures

Travel packs that can be used for bike commuting, train hopping or air travel

Compact for travel so you can pack them in your main luggage and use them once you get to your destination.

They all come with a Crux reservoir, except for the M.U.L.E. and H.A.W.G. commute packs, however, they are both compatible. They also offer LifeStraw filter kits as well for international travel or filling up on mountain streams so that you can fill up at the nearest water source, knowing you’ll be safe from any harmful bacteria.

Also, be sure to check out their limited edition Pride collection of water bottles as well. Proceeds from purchases go to the Venture Out Project, supporting safe outdoors for the LGBTQIA+ community. Purchases of those bottles will also include an Outside Safe Space Sticker.

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