Del Monte has launched pears as their newest addition to their hand Fruit Cup Snack collection. Diced pears in individual 107 ml portions travel well and can be enjoyed as a snack anytime. This non-refrigerated product can be stored at room temperature and is always ready to be eaten. Available in convenient packs of four or 20, they meet the demands of active individuals with busy schedules. This nutritious fruit is popular across Canada and appeals to the taste buds of young and old alike.

Consumers can can choose from diced pears packed in water (only 20 calories per serving), or for a slightly sweeter flavour, in 100% grape juice from concentrate (80 calories per serving). These pear cups contain no artificial flavours or colours and are rich in vitamin C. They’re, without a doubt, a wholesome and delicious choice!

Great for a snack on the go, a lunch bag addition, or a healthy alternative to enjoy at home. These are great tasting, thirst quenching, and tummy filling. Grab some of the new pear additions, or any of their other flavours, at your favourite nearby retailer.


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