Ace Valley recently launched of their new Sativa dominant Lust Cherry Rose and Thrust Watermelon Goji cannabis gummies, created specifically to explore the relationship between cannabis and sex. This is the latest in their line of ready-to-enjoy products that also includes, pre-rolls, vapes, and beverages.

The launch was held at Toronto’s female forward sensuality shop The Nookie, owned by Veronica Kazoleas and located at 128 1/2 Cumberland Street right in the heart of Yorkville. The shop is immaculate, with products of all sorts displayed throughout, with easy access to browse and touch. Prices are reasonable in relation to other similar shops, yet the shopping experience is much more exclusive and inclusive feeling. There’s a changing area in the back to try out some of the lingerie. You’ll have to wait until you get home to try out the toys though! There’s also the option to purchase online off the website.

Kazoleas is a former healthcare executive with a Master’s in Social Psychology. In part due the wild success of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. Veronica viewed this as representing a widespread change in women’s openness to exploring their sexuality. This shift led Veronica to end her career as a healthcare executive and move across Canada to launch The Nookie. After a year of research and planning – involving everything from attending European sex toy conferences to inadvertently signing up for an orgy – The Nookie was born.

The event also included a panel discussion with top sex and cannabis experts – Ashley Manta, and Tim Lagman  who discussed  how pleasure can be facilitated and experienced in different forms, and how Lust  and Thrust are specifically designed with pleasure in mind.

Ashley Manta is an award-winning sex educator and coach, with a specific focus on combining sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual® brand. She is  the author of The CBD Solution: Sex, published in 2020 in conjunction with Merry Jane and Chronicle Books, and was named “Sexpert of the Year” at the 2020 XBiz Awards. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also a certified and attuned Reiki II Practitioner, a certified consulting hypnotist, and a trauma-trained victim advocate. She is based in LA, but travels the world.

Tim Lagman is a certified sex educator with the American College of Sexologists International and pleasure advocate based in Toronto. Having previously worked as an escort, and involved in the music industry, he decided to combine business and sex to spread the word (and his legs) with others. Tim likes to volunteer and give back to the community through outreach in Toronto’s LGBTQ+ scene providing sex education and harm reduction resources to the public.

As for the Lust and Thrust products themselves, they were created with your libido in mind, and are conveniently packaged with two gummies for sharing and caring.These two new, distinctly-flavoured, gummies are the first of their kind in the Canadian market, celebrating the intersection of cannabis and sex positivity by empowering consumers to enhance their personal experiences.

Tantalizing Ace Valley Lust Cherry Rose Gummies are carefully balanced with 25mg CBD & 2.5mg THC per gummy, entwined with juicy flavour and botanical extract to arouse your senses.

Ace Valley Thrust Watermelon Goji Gummies are infused with 5mg THC per gummy, bursting with watermelon and a tickle of goji berry. These flavours are designed to give you a boost and arouse your senses to make the night unforgettable.

As the names suggest, Lust is lower in THC and also contains CBD, perfect for a night of cuddling or massaging, while Thrust provides a higher (pun intended) dose of THC and no CBD, making it more suited to going beyond first base and head toward home plate!

If beverages are more your thing, there are two great options to try that will also help you reach that euphoric sensual sensation. Both are sativa dominant and are best served chilled to enjoy its full taste.

Moonwave sparkling water with berry flavor and a touch of vanilla contains 2 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD. 

Daylight zesty sparkling water with a burst of citrus and a hint of ginseng, contains 2.5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD. 

So if you haven’t experienced a good romp lately, perhaps adding some cannabis with new sexual adventures (and toys) to your next playtime might be just what’s needed. Enjoy, and play safe! 

Click here for a list of all available products.

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