In My Rainbow Dads, readers experience the world through the eyes of little girl who is being raised by multiracial, same-sex parents. By illustrating one family’s individuality, teacher, author Ivy Hilay Wilcher seeks to highlight the importance and impact of supporting all types of families.

When my two dads adopted me, my life became as colourful as it can be. My skin is brown, my dad’s skin is black, my other dad’s skin is white. No matter what skin color we have, my dads accepted me as me, because we are all unique and special. My two dads are my family and they are the rainbow colours around me. They always tell me, “We love you to the rainbow and back.”

This colorful and beautifully illustrated children’s book is a perfect way for parents, teachers, and caregivers to teach kids ages 4 to 8 about social awareness and open a dialogue about how each family is different. Aiming to provide a valuable resource to parents, teachers and caregivers, she hopes her story will spark dialogue on social awareness, diversity and inclusivity. “My goal is to make children aware that families come in all shapes and sizes, and it is our differences that make us special,” Wilcher said.

Wilcher has encountered many types of families in her classroom. Inspired by the changing times and a movement to recast the archetype of a family. She presents this new children’s book to promote mindfulness and tolerance of nontraditional family structures. The book is about social awareness and self-awareness and advocates for the acceptance of the culture, color, and uniqueness of each child and family.“Everybody can love and be cared for,” Wilcher stated

My Rainbow Dads is available from Palmetto Publishing via Amazon.

About the Author

Born and raised in the Philippines, Ivy Hilay Wilcher is a teacher specializing in special education and general education. She taught for seven years in the Philippines before immigrating to the US. When she’s not teaching, she loves to write, play musical instruments, paint, draw and dance. She lives with her husband and two cats, Riley and Jinkey.

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