Tony Brown Collection creates sunglasses that are art pieces for your eyes, by producing high fashion futuristic avant-garde eyewear frames. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Tony Brown patented his first innovative eyewear design in 1998. A newcomer to the eyewear industry and lacking the resources to produce his designs, he continued to create a variation of stylistic eyewear to one day build his own brand. Visually eye-catching and fashion-forward, these designs are as modern today as they were back then. As well, isn’t 90s retro making a comeback?

The Tony Brown Collection is a bold new innovation in eyewear fashion that provides a wide variety of futuristic designs with a palette of colours and unique design elements.  The first model in the collection named, “Dream” was the very first sunglass idea, and is the original sketched design from the 90’s that includes a unique triangle cut in the centre..  The second model named, “Solar” pays homage to the universe, with nine circles representing the nine planes of the solar system.

The palette of colours and unique design elements include high-quality titanium, which makes them not only light, but extremely durable. Titanium is also hypoallergenic. The oval shape with an arc from temple to temple gives it an unmatched recognizable look. There are other aspects of the frame that make it different, but the design is proprietary and intellectual property. The lenses offer ultra UV protection and give a special frame to the face, for an eccentric look. As well, the temples are straight and they can be bent just before the rubber ends by hand to fit snug on your head.

Working with a Korean manufacturer to produce the pieces in 2020, the frames can be worn as sunglasses or optical frames. Purchases can be made on the online store .

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