Cold season is in full swing! Camellia Sinensis offers a unique tea blend with anti-viral properties specially formulated for this time of year. Tulsi D’Hiver contains nettle, holy basil, fireweed and oregano flower. Its many benefits make it the perfect choice for staying healthy – or feeling like yourself again. 

This mixture was created especially for the cold season, distinguished by the spicy (pepper) and fruity (blueberry) character of the holy basil (also called tulsi).Vegetable and saline nettle notes support harmoniously the ethereal softness and floral bouquet of the oregano.A herbal adaptogen which allows the body and the immune system to adapt to seasonal change or the effects of stress. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cold, it can relieve headaches, stomach disorders and supports digestion while restoring strength, fortitude and vitality.

Balanced flavour Proudly made in Quebec, this organic herbal tea has a strong spicy (pepper) and fruity (blueberry) character from the holy basil, also known as tulsi. The vegetable and saline nettle notes complement the oregano’s ethereal softness and floral bouquet. Benefits Tulsi D’Hiver Organic is an herbal adaptogen. It helps the body and immune system better adapt to seasonal changes and the effects of stress. Antiviral, anticold and antibacterial, this tea blend can help relieve headaches and stomach disorders. It also supports digestion while restoring strength, fortitude and vitality.

: Nettle, holy basil (tulsi), cornflower, fireweed, oregano flower. (Urtica dioica, Ocimum sanctum, Centaurea cyanus, Epilobium angustifolium, Origanum vulgare).

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Retail price: $14.00 per 20g bag This product is certified by Ecocert Canada. Camellia Sinensis is pleased to offer its customers a blend with antiviral properties specially made for cold and flu season. Tulsi d’Hiver, contains nettle, holy basil, fireweed, and oregano flower. Thanks to its harmonious flavour and beneficial properties, Tulsi d’Hiver herbal tea from Camellia Sinensis will be your best ally to face the winter season.


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