The new MEC Men’s Radiator Lite Down Hoodie is a premium insulated hoodie that uses high-end responsibly sourced down with micro-technology to keep you reliably warm, when the weather cools.. The highly versatile and fashionable design means you can wear it outdoors for a day of adventure, and head straight to the pub for a celebratory drink, without looking like you’ve just spent a day pushing your limits.

It’s ultralight nylon with a DWR water resistant finish helps protect you from inclement weather, keeping you dry on the inside. There are no stitch lines due to the woven baffle chamber construction, which helps keep you warmer by not letting the outside air in once you’re zippered up. The elastic edge hoodie also allows for further protection from any winds, closing in as tight as you want around your face.

As well, the drawcord-adjustable hem can be accessed from inside the hand pockets, again allowing you to tighten to your own personal comfort based on weather conditions. This is perfect for cycling where you’re going against the wind, as this allows you to avoid some of the adverse forces by becoming more streamlined. The tightened hoodie makes is super simple to wear your helmet over it also.

The absolute best feature is its portability, not only due to its light weight, but the zippered inner pocket also doubles as a stuff sack, allowing you to wrap your hoodie into a very compact, travel-ready size. It can be done in under a minute, which is great for when the weather warms up and you no longer need the full protection. Just fold it up, stick it in your backpack, and carry on doing what you were doing. Speaking of pockets, there are actually four that can be used to store your snacks, phone, camera, or any other smaller gear that you might want to bring on your adventure – 2 handwarmer zippered. 1 internal zippered, 1 internal drop in/stuff sack.

This is one product that can reduce your need for layering, and it’s compact and durable quality will make it your travel companion for years to come.  

Available from MEC retail outlets, or online, in both black/obsidian and fortune red. Makes a perfect gift to yourself, and perhaps your outdoor adventure buddy. Retail $249.95

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