Wacaco Company Ltd has launched its second generation edition of the well-known Minipresso NS capsule espresso machine. By merging its coffee expertise and engineering know-how into a brand-new design, Wacaco has conceived the most compact and capable capsule espresso machine yet.

Designed to work exclusively with all types of Nespresso®* Original capsules and compatibles, the new Minipresso NS2 combines ease of use, intuitive ergonomics, durable materials, and an elegant aesthetic to help you brew perfect espresso, cup after cup. The Minipresso NS2 is a step forward towards a greener future. It is entirely hand-powered and doesn’t require electricity or batteries to operate. The NS2 is partially constructed of wheat-composed polymers and is compatible with pods that can be fully recycled. 

This new iteration focuses on an improved user experience. Surprisingly small, the Minipresso NS2 is 30% shorter than the previous generation at 130 mm in height. Users will hardly notice it in their handbags or backpacks. The fully integrated water tank simplifies preparation, and the included drip tray keeps the mess out of the equation. With the Minipresso NS2, Wacaco streamlines the act of espresso brewing, making it a joy to brew the perfect cup anywhere.


This is an amazingly compact portable coffee maker. For those like myself who enjoy (love) coffee anywhere, anytime, this should be your go-to purchase for yourself or as a great gift to a fellow coffee enthusiast. Next time you’re out on a hike, take this little beast with you, along with a couple coffee pods and a bottle of water, and you’ll be able to have a coffee break pretty much anywhere you want to. It’s completely manual, so no need to be near electricity, or worry about having charged up batteries. As for the coffee itself, it’s as good as it gets. Having this Minipresso makes it just as easy to have a great tasting Nespresso anywhere, that tastes as excellent as if you’ve made it at home, or picked one up from your local cafe. Hands down, this is a necessity for outdoor enthusiasts. Easy to set up, and repack, with no clean up required.

For even more user convenience, Wacaco is simultaneously releasing a Minipresso NS2 travel case with a crossbody strap. Made of durable EVA material covered with a soft felt fabric, it is specially designed to protect the Minipresso NS2 from daily bumps and scratches. It also includes a rigid capsule box to carry eight coffee pods. A silicone coaster and a microfiber towel are also included with the case, making it the perfect Minipresso NS2 companion.

Wacaco has conceived the most compact and capable capsule espresso machine yet. Brew anytime, anywhere with the Minipresso NS2, as the seamless process and pod compatibility takes the guesswork out of brewing a perfect espresso every time.


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