The Middle Between Us delicately unfurls the love stories of two sets of couples, detached by time but brought together by fate. Where one is set in the artisanal streets of a 21st-century city life, the other depicts the breathtaking wild mountains of eastern Europe as it’s set ablaze by the religious zealotry of World War I. Where one revolves around two men coming to term with their own sexual identities, the other forces its two young lovers apart in the face of insurmountable odds. Seemingly unrelated at first, the two star-crossed couples find out they are not only parallel – but deeply intertwined.

The novel delicately but unapologetically weaves the complexities of modern-day romance with conflicts as old as time, finding the middle between love and acceptance, intimacy and desire, obsession and art.

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Itamar an Israeli writer and musician who has been having a 20-year love affair with the restaurant business of sunny Tel Aviv. In his literary writing he combines his education and interest in the history and politics of the Middle East (human rights in particular). He owns two cats and one big window with an ocean view for inspiration. In his spare time, he volunteers with the LGBTQ movement and as a writer for an Israeli Parliament Member. His debut novel, Niv, was published by the UK publisher Wilkinson House. White Smoke is his second novel.

Itamar S.N. states, “My education is in the history of the Middle East and Political Science, but I chose to promote human rights through love stories. I believe this new “human rights fiction” category is an essential voice in the literary spectrum with a broad potential audience: Women, Millennials, college students, LGBT, and much more.”

Also available from Itamar S.N. – WHITE SMOKE

Yonatan Green is a bisexual intellectual playboy, who will do anything to provoke his right-wing father, Israel’s Prime Minister, who always puts the country before his family. However, Yonatan finds himself proud of him for the first time with the creation of Isratine – a democratic union of Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the small area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

When Yonatan meets Meir, a shy High-Tech entrepreneur, he falls in love for the first time, and the couple decide to get married. The family grows when fate brings Amal into their lives – a Palestinian girl, who is the victim of a family honor acid attack. Their “perfect” love story grows alongside the new state, however, the euphoria of peace and unification is fading, while both Jewish and Arab anti-liberal forces feel strong enough to join hands, putting the democratic heritage in jeopardy and threatening the life of the family.

As smoke spreads over the country, the Prime Minister must acknowledge his mistakes and rethink the ambitious dream of Isratine. Will hope overcome primal fears and hatred?

In our house of cards everything is well known. Yonatan is the one card that cannot be touched. Remove it and everything will collapse.”

White Smoke is above all a love story. A love between two men, a patriotic love for one’s country, and the basic love for all human beings. I believe that it doesn’t matter whether it’s women rights, LGBTQ rights or minorities rights, in the end it all comes down to basic human rights, as we were all born naked, free and equal.

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About the Author

Bryen Dunn is a freelance journalist based in Toronto with a focus on tourism, lifestyle, entertainment and community issues. He has written several travel articles and has an extensive portfolio of celebrity interviews with musicians, actors and other public personalities. He’s willing to take on any assignments of interest, attend parties with free booze, listen to rants, and travel the world in search of the great unknown. He’s eager to discover the new, remember the past, and look into the future.