The new year brings new opportunities for new goals. Whether you’re looking to reach a new fitness level, be more organized, or anything in between, a great place to start is with Nature’s Sunshine’s 21 Day Reset Challenge. This challenge is a quick and effective way to reset your habits so that you create space for a healthier mind and body using Nature’s Sunshine’s proven and tested products: Rejuvenaid and UltraBiome DTX to get you going.

Rejuvenaid is a dual-pathway Nitric Oxide (NO) Generator for vasodilation and cardiovascular health. Clinically studied Rejuvenaid naturally and safely produces and sustains healthy levels of NO. Unlike other NO products, this patent-pending formula uses a dual-pathway system featuring a proprietary beet root extract along with L-arginine. This dual-pathway approach frees up the body’s ability to produce its own NO while using the ingredients to generate even more NO.

UltraBiome DTX improves critical gut and intestinal function and primes detoxification pathways to help the body target and eliminate toxins. It also fuels the growth of healthy bacteria, supporting microbiome balance and healthy intestinal permeability, by strengthening and tightening the gut’s cellular wall. Additionally, a proprietary phytonutrient blend adds superior free-radical protection to reduce oxidative damage to the gut.

This challenge officially runs from January 9th to January 30th. Sign up here.

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