You Are a Global Citizen is the new travel book and guided journal from LGBTQIA+ digital nomad, Damon Dominique, who became a leader of the modern-day social media travel scene after documenting 500+ travel videos fluently in 5+ languages, in 50+ countries. Star of countless popular YouTube travel vlogs (with 22.4 M+ Views) and documentaries, Damon shares his insights and stories from a decade of globetrotting. The young author is mindfully paving the way for people around the globe to become aware, observant, and overall a respectful world citizen. 

So you’re here. The world dealt you a nationality and you’re dealing with it. Maybe right now is the first time you’re realizing you even got dealt a nationality. We all did, and it has influenced everything from our native Language, our subconscious Taboos & Morals, our views on Politics, and the 15 other chapters this book is broken into.

You Are a Global Citizen ignites your inner curiosity and provokes self-discovery through fifteen chapters of thought-provoking questions about the cultures you have experienced – including your own – helping you to become a more inquisitive, aware, observant, and engaged world citizen.

Damon Dominique, pioneer of the modern day social media travel scene and star of countless popular YouTube travel vlogs and documentaries, shares his insights and stories from a decade of globetrotting, guiding you through questions such as, ‘Are you loyal to your country?’ Why or why not?, What culture or country do you remember romanticizing about as a kid?’, and ‘How do you feel about a global language?’

Whether you’ve never left home, or are currently traveling, this is the book to encourage you to consider the fundamental questions about who you are, what culture is, and what it means to live in a global society beyond the borders of our countries, and our minds, because you, too, are a global citizen.

Damon creates, entertains, and inspires others through travel and linguistic diversity with his wildly successful course, “The French I Wish I Had Learned in French Class” and TV pilot “Around The World in 80 Dates.” However, Damon’s rebellious and philosophical nature influenced his biggest project yet –  “You Are a Global Citizen”, made to invoke self-discipline and ignite anyone and everyone’s inner curiosity

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Bryen Dunn is a freelance journalist based in Toronto with a focus on tourism, lifestyle, entertainment and community issues. He has written several travel articles and has an extensive portfolio of celebrity interviews with musicians, actors and other public personalities. He’s willing to take on any assignments of interest, attend parties with free booze, listen to rants, and travel the world in search of the great unknown. He’s eager to discover the new, remember the past, and look into the future.