CockBlock is the newest item in the burgeoning sex toy industry, and this one was created right here in Toronto. Sorry gals, this one is for the guys. Have you ever wanted to pleasure your partner, while pleasuring yourself at the same time? Well here’s your chance. There’s no need to identify as top, bottom, verse, or side. Just grab hold and enjoy the sensation of double penetration. Ohhh, la la!

CockBlock Toys™ was founded by a gay Canadian man, and it has been a decade in the making. He wanted to buy an adult toy for frot, only to discover what he imagined didn’t exist – inspiring him to develop it himself. After a long and exciting journey, the world’s first and only adult toy specifically designed to combine penetration and frot. You can learn about its development and see prototypes here.


Let’s face it – sometimes you need options. You and your buddy/partner might both be tops, bottoms, sides, or any combination therein. Or maybe you just don’t have time to prepare for penetration. That shouldn’t stop you from making a connection when the moment hits. The CockBlock basically acts as a Fleshlight built for two. That’s double the fun with just one toy!

How It Works

The black outer casing is made out of soft silicone, which can be squeezed to control tightness, and the red sleeve is made out of flesh-like thermoplastic elastomer to simulate real skin that’s only compatible with water-based lubricants. It combines penetration and frot, enabling face-to-face sex that’s undeniably different. The dual openings provide both guys the feeling of penetration, simultaneously. Inside, the openings merge into a channel for intense cock-on-cock action, and the open rear design accommodates all lengths. CockBlock is designed to be used in a face-to-face position. Most users prefer lying or standing, but ultimately it’s whatever feels best for you.



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