This Valentine’s Day, International Relationship Expert Laura Bilotta has developed a romantic, multi-sensorial activity for couples designed to heighten their senses. Laura is a top international dating coach and matchmaker who has helped over 65K singles and couples. She is also the host of the Dating and Relationship Show on Global News Radio AM 640. 

Move over wine and chocolate, Laura’s date night activity is centered around her favourite natural aphrodisiac, cheese!

Inspired by her favourite cheese, Tickler Cheddar, she calls this activity Tickler Your Senses and recommends your partner close their eyes, or even better, don a blindfold to enhance the other senses. Laura perfectly pairs seven Castello cheeses with seven unique sensorial elements from ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), to mists, a caress, and more during a blind tasting intended to connect couples, sensually and playfully.


Calling all couples! I’ve developed a romantic and sensual Valentine’s Day activity featuring everyone’s favourite natural aphrodisiac: cheese. I was inspired by my personal favourite, Tickler Cheddar by @CastelloCheeseCanada, so I call this experience, “Tickler your Senses! I recommend a blindfold to enhance all your other senses while you indulge in a tasting of seven different Castello cheese paired with seven sensorial elements including ASMR, mists, massages, kisses and more. This is the ultimate multi-sensory experience which makes for a delicious date night. To participate, follow my video and grab some of my favourite Castello cheeses available everywhere. #CastelloCheese #TicklerYourSenses #ValentinesDay #CastelloBlindTasting #CastelloTickler #romance #couplesoftiktok #couplelove #valentinesday2023

♬ original sound – Laura Bilotta

STEP ONE: Feed your partner a slice of Tickler and embrace the name of this extra mature cheddar by following it up with a soft tickle across your partner’s arm and neck.

STEP TWO: Spread some Taste Hawaii pineapple and almond cream cheese on a cracker to transport your partner to the sun drenched beaches of Hawaii.  Follow this up with a misting of  salt-water spray on their neck and start dreaming of your next vacation together.

STEP THREE: Drizzle honey over some warmed Castello Brie, spread on a cracker and feed to your partner.  While they revel in the sweet and slightly spicy taste, add some additional honey to their bottom lip and surprise them by taking a taste yourself.

STEP FOUR: Encourage your partner to nibble on some Vintage Gouda while you playfully nibble on their ear, neck or shoulder 

STEP FIVE: Add a slice of Velvet Blue cheese to an apple slice, then top with fig jam, wrap in prosciutto and while your partner indulges in this taste sensation, guide their hand across your velvety skin with a soft whisper in their ear.

STEP SIX: Cube some crunchy Aged Havarti and complement it with a gentle head massage as they experience the sound, smell, creamy taste and your soft touch.

STEP SEVEN: Gently crack a walnut for your partner to hear, then add it to the top of a slice of Traditional Danish Blue Cheese with a pear slice for a biting and intense finish.  

Let your senses be your guide and after sampling Laura’s favourite seven cheeses by Castello, try another round with different cheese types.  Mozzarella or Mascarpone anyone?

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