Montreal’s Camellia Sinensis has been selling their healing teas and remedies since 1997, and they have now introduced two new herbal products that support the respiratory system. Discover these powerful botanicals and help strengthen your body’s natural immune response. These are both to be used more as a remedy when you start feeling unwell, not as a preventive measure to keep you from getting sick. Think cold and flu products, but made naturally without any additives.

Breathe Easy Organic Syrup


Consisting of fresh, certified organic medicinal plants, this syrup is specially designed to soothe irritation in the respiratory system. The expectorant properties of thyme, hyssop and balsam poplar help relieve coughing, clear excess mucus and ease congestion.

Recommended Dose: 1 teaspoon three to five times daily, avoiding mealtime but with a little water is desired. Shake well before use.



Organic Immunity Mother Tincture


This mother tincture is made from fresh, certified organic medicinal plants. The healing properties of thyme and nettle help boost your immune system, relieve bronchitis symptoms and stop postnasal drip while toning your body. 

Recommended Dose: 25 drops in a glass of water three times daily, avoiding mealtime. Shake well before use. 

Camellia Sinensis’ new organic syrups are available for purchase via the company’s website.

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