Tierra Rica is an organic Chilean wine, available as both Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Certified Vegan, with a compostable cork and lightweight glass, it makes a great choice not just for Earth Day commemorations but for sustainable wine making purchases throughout the year. As well, the more premium looking bottle than your typical organic wines make it even more attractive for an economical premium wine.

Tierra Rica Cabernet Sauvignon Organic

This wine is produced using sustainable and organic practices, they are doing their best to keep the ecosystem in balance. Rich and robust flavours of plum, black cherry, blackberry and smoky oak lead to a warm and lengthy finish. Enjoy it on its own or with steak, prime rib or a mushroom tart; vegan friendly. 13.5% ABV


I’m more a red drinker no matter what time of year, and this Cab Sauv doesn’t disappoint my spring taste buds. In fact, I was more than surprised by the smooth, somewhat dry yet refreshing soft oak flavours. It pours well and has a full bodied, robust look and taste. Very classy, and good for the earth as well. Need I say more?

Tierra Rica Sauvignon Blanc Organic

The Coastal vineyards in Chile highlight the best of the Sauvignon Blanc grape. This expressive wine is produced using sustainable and organic practices, featuring aromas of citrus fruit, bell pepper and herbs with a crisp and refreshing minerality. Enjoy it on its own, or with seafood pasta and grilled vegetables. 12.5% ABV


Yes, I know, summer is coming up and it’s time to drop the red and take in some refreshingly cool whites. Well, I did just that during the one week of summer weather we recently had, and yes I enjoyed it. My only issue with whites is that they never seem to have the full body of a red, however that being said, this particular wine is full of fruity flavours and was a pleasant surprise. Let me tell you that by finishing two glasses in one sitting, it must have something going for it!

Both retail at $15.95 at the LCBO

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