Adam Sewell has written a book about a few of his rock n roll adventures from the past five decades of his life working within the music business, It’s told through “27 chapters, 3 intros, and 1 tearjerker of an epilogue.” That’s 27 different music-related stories taken from Sewell’s anything but ordinary life. From violent early ’80s hardcore punk clubs, to arenas and boardrooms, the book is a collection of his brutally honest, hilariously self-deprecating, and occasionally tragic tales.

Born and raised in downtown Toronto, Sewell is a Juno Award Winning Musician, Artist Manager, Author, former GM of Sanctuary Records Group Canada (2000-2005), and current president of The Stereo Dynamite Music Company. Commenting on the book, he stated, “It’s not an autobiography. And it’s not another pointless “check out how many drugs and fucked up things we did” Behind-The-Music approved glossy confessional. And it’s also not some tell-all industry-heavy name-dropping expose. This book… is (hopefully) something else. Stories that cover the first five decades of my life in the world of music.”

Sewell spent his teenage years working at Toronto’s landmark alternative music retail store The Record Peddler, and working part-time for local alternative music promoters The Garys and Elliott Lefko. At 22, he became a full-time touring musician with the Juno Award winning band, Monster Voodoo Machine. and today he’s currently making music as Def Con Sound System.

In 2006, he founded Stereo Dynamite Inc. The company was originally a small punk rock record label (Stereo Dynamite Recordings), and marketing / promo company which ran campaigns for several domestic and international labels. Stereo Dynamite has since grown to specialize in international Artist Management, Recordings, and Entertainment Projects. Sewell has spent the past 17 years working in international artist management with such legendary and groundbreaking acts as Motörhead, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), and Lacuna Coil.

Book Launch -Wednesday May 17, 8pm – Town Barber, 1114 Dundas Street West., Toronto.

Also joining the fun are Danko Jones and Nobu Adilman (Choir! Choir! Choir!) appearing in a special pre-recorded segment, as well as Liisa Ladouceur and Petergail Williams attending in person.

Howl Like A Wounded Animal: Music Stories Vol. 1, by Adam Sewell. Available from The Stereo Dynamite Music Company – First edition print run (250 copies). All books will be autographed and hand numbered.

The Stereo Dynamite Music Company is uniquely experienced to work with an “artist-first” approach in today’s ever-shrinking, ever-changing global markets.

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