Is it summer yet? Moosehead Breweries announced the launch of its newest innovation, Moosehead Chelada.

Moosehead Chelada’s recipe was inspired by the refreshing flavours of the classic Mexican Chelada, and is made with just a squeeze of lime, a dash of salt, and a 4% ABV light lager. The result? A fun, invigorating ‘sip with zip’ flavour experience that’s naturally tasting without additives or sweetness.

This Mexican-inspired cerveza preperada is brewed with the original Moosehead Lager and, is one of the only brews of its kind in Canada. At only 4% ABV, it’s a light beer with refreshingly delicious flavour, that doesn’t actually taste like beer.

I’m not a fan of “flavoured beer” but decided to give this one a taste, as I am a fan of Moosehead lager. The first thing I noticed is that I can’t taste the beer at all, so for true beer lovers, this likely isn’t for you. However, if you’re open to trying something refreshingly different, but not as sweet as the pre-mixed alcohol creations, then this might pleasantly surprise you. It’s actually easy drinking, especially on a sunny afternoon. You can drink it cold straight from the can, or try pouring it over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. Salud!

Available in Ontario from the LCBO in 6 x 473 ml can format for $16.95.  It’s also available across Canada in both 6 x 473mL and 12 x 355mL can packs. Availability and packaging varies by province.

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