RISE Kombucha has been brewed in Montreal, Quebec since 2008, the first product the company launched, typically known for its vinegary taste, RISE is always balanced and accessible. They then introduced their line of adaptogenic tea-based Botanicals, and now most recently they have introduced their newly released, Better Soda sparking beverages.

Building on a legacy of democratizing better-for-you beverages, RISE Better Soda is a soda alternative, packed with prebiotic fiber to support your gut health, with way less sugar and made with 100% real ingredients. Offered in three classic soda flavours; Orange, Classic Cola and Lemon-Lime, Better Soda contains prebiotics to promote gut health. 

There are subtle hints of turmeric and ginger extract in the Orange flavour, cinnamon and vanilla extract in the Classic Cola flavour, and cardamom and lemongrass in the Lemon Lime flavour. 

Discover why RISE Better Soda is so delightful and better for you:

  • Its natural sweetness comes from real fruit juices, 100% natural flavours and stevia.
  • Only 2 to 3 grams of sugar per can, which is 10x less sugar than typical soda and much lower in calories.
  • Each flavour is made with 3-4% real fruit juice.
  • 3g of plant-based FiberSMART™ Tapioca is the source of the prebiotics found in every can – equal to a whole apple’s worth!

RISE’s devotion to crafting the best-tasting soda is captured in each and every flavour, meticulously tested and approved by their passionate team before hitting the shelves. Those who are looking for a flavourful alternative to soda will be excited to discover this beverage innovation – a super-soda packed with benefits. Now available in most major retail grocery outlets.

To learn more about RISE products go to risekombucha.com and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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