Canada’s newest hard seltzer, Vizzy Mimosa, is your new brunch companion. Made with real orange juice and available in four mimosa-inspired dual flavours – Pomegranate Orange, Pineapple Orange, Strawberry Orange and Peach Orange – there’s a Vizzy Mimosa for every vibe.

This iconic brunch beverage is guaranteed to help you bring that splash of extra and elevate any brunch occasion – perfect for patios, besties, and spilling tea. At 100 calories, zero sugar and 5% alcohol by volume, Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer contains antioxidant vitamin C and is made with fruit flavors and real orange juice. It is the first mimosa-inspired hard seltzer available nationwide. 

In conjunction with the launch, Vizzy also is kicking off a new North American marketing campaign for 2022 dubbed “Iz a Vibe,” which includes a pair of new national TV spots, digital and social media, and out-of-home and point-of-sale advertising. No one’s ever been sad drinking a mimosa. It’s a cocktail that brings joy and sparks energy and positivity — just like Vizzy. In short, it’s the perfect space for Vizzy,” says Liz Cramton, Molson Coors’ director of marketing for Vizzy Hard Seltzer.

The campaign represents a departure from the brand’s early work, which focused on introducing drinkers to the brand and showcasing its attributes.  It plays into the notion that Vizzy makes everything a little extra: “The sun is out, the music is in your control, your crush is here. The vibe is good,” a narrator says as the camera scans a lively pool party.

While some leading hard seltzer brands have fizzled, Vizzy has risen to become a top-5 hard seltzer brand across the U.S. and Canada, as it continues to ride a steady pattern of growth thanks to the strength of its two core variety packs, as well as lemonade and watermelon variety packs..

The Vizzy Mimosa variety pack is now available in Ontario at The Beer Store and LCBO. Vizzy is also a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, including their Vizzibility Project that offers to grants to artists.

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