Absolut’s latest Mix Your Neighbourhood campaign makes them the world’s first vodka brand to create visual cocktail art using AI. They have curated a lineup of innovative cocktails inspired by local Toronto neighbourhoods, including The Church-Wellesley Village, which embodies the proud, inclusive, and diverse characteristics of this local area.

Like all Toronto neighbourhoods, The Village offers a mix of characteristics that make it special, from its inclusive hub of Toronto’s 2SLGBTQ+ community, to its boisterous entertainment and hopping nightlife. Absolut wants to put this on the map (and drink menu) for Canadians to raise a glass with their neighbours to the place they call home. 

The Journey

  • Absolut started in Toronto tapping the expertise of local residents to discover unique qualities about their neighbourhood and what makes it unique. 
  • Absolut then gave these ingredients to an AI platform and asked it to mix stunning cocktail artwork, celebrating each neighbourhood.
  • From there, Absolut took the AI cocktail artwork and worked with bartenders that mixed them into delicious cocktail recipes, so everyone can drink their neighbourhood.
  • The result: A unique and delicious cocktail that allows Canadians to experience the best parts of The Village in a single sight and sip. 

For Canadians interested in making their neighbourhood cocktail at home, they can visit absolut.com/en-ca to find recipes. Canadians will also have a chance to nominate their neighbourhood to be mixed up next! 

About the Author

Bryen Dunn is a freelance journalist based in Toronto with a focus on tourism, lifestyle, entertainment and community issues. He has written several travel articles and has an extensive portfolio of celebrity interviews with musicians, actors and other public personalities. He’s willing to take on any assignments of interest, attend parties with free booze, listen to rants, and travel the world in search of the great unknown. He’s eager to discover the new, remember the past, and look into the future.