The rise of non-alcoholic beverages has been nothing short of a sensation in Canada, with the demand for NA drinks skyrocketing. Whether it’s a cocktail classic like a refreshing mojito or a good ol’ Amaretto Sour, Atypique makes its beverages in a variety of deliciously bold flavours. 

After a highly successful start in Quebec, Atypique is now ready to refresh the rest of Canada with its deliciously bold collection of zero-proof cocktails. With a shift in consumer demand towards non-alcoholic beverages and offerings (at least one-third of Canadians are reducing their alcohol consumption, according to Statista Canada), it proves to be the perfect pairing for those who are sober curious!

Whether it’s a much-needed Mojito after a long day of work, or a fun Spritz on the patio with friends, Atypique has all the flavour and none of the alcohol. With 80 calories or less in every can, it’s a non-alc choice you can feel good about.

Launching nationally across Canada in major retailers including Loblaws, Metro, Amazon, Sobeys and more, Atypique is made right here in Canada, and is the best choice for full-flavour, non-alcoholic social beverages.

Atypique Spritz Flavoured Alcohol Free Sparkling Beverage

People tend to call it sunshine in a can – we simply call it the ‘Spritz’. Inspired by the aperitif beverage of Italian origin, the Spritz has a citrus-based flavour with both bitter and acidic notes. While it can’t transport you to Europe directly, it sure comes close. 

Atypique Gin and Tonic Flavoured Alcohol Free Sparkling Beverage

You can never go wrong with a good classic like the Atypique Gin & Tonic. A well-balanced bevvy sitting perfectly between bright flavours and a zesty bitterness, the G&T is a go-to favourite that doesn’t disappoint. 

Atypique Mojito Flavoured Alcohol Free Sparkling Beverage

Nothing says good weather like a minty mojito – and Atypique does it best. With flavours of fresh and lime juice, it’s a tropical treat that will bring vacation to you, one sip at a time.

Atypique Spiced Rum and Cola Flavoured Alcohol Free Sparkling Beverage

Looking to add a little spice to your life? Atypique delivers with its popular Spiced Rum & Cola. The alcohol-free take on the classic cocktail bottles an exciting intensity in each can, that rum and cola lovers will savour.

Amaretto Sour Flavoured Alcohol Free Sparkling Beverage

Looking to level up your non-alcoholic cocktail game? Look no further than the Atypique Amaretto Sour. A perfected balance of bitter citrus notes mixed with a sweet almond taste, it’s the ultimate aperitif that serves to impress.

All products are available in single 355 mL cans or a 12-pack at select retailers. Prices may vary across retailers. SRP $2.99/can. 60-80 calories. 

More information can be found on the Atypique website.

Meet the ambassador: Étienne Boulay

Former Canadian professional footballer and successful businessman, Étienne Boulay founded Atypique in 2020 with one goal in mind: push the limits of the ready-to-drink industry by offering classic favourite cocktails, but in an alcohol-free version.

Being sober, Étienne knew there was an untapped space for those just like him, “This is a drink for the bold, those for whom being yourself is synonymous with courage. Those for whom the important thing is not so much to be different, but to make a difference.”


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