Salad lovers, rejoice! Maison Orphée, in collaboration with the Mouvement J’aime les fruits et légumes, the very first 100% Salad Week takes place June 5 to 11, 2023 across Canada. This new event aims to inspire salad lovers and veggie evaders alike to elevate their daily consumption of fresh, healthful ingredients during this remarkable #saladweek. Embrace the abundance of premium local ingredients by indulging in delectable gourmet salads. This initiative launched just in time for the start of summer season, with terrace gatherings and barbecues. 

Why Salad Week?

With an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs that smell like heaven, and homemade oils, condiments and other salad toppings, it’s never been easier to make salads that feature local ingredients, are nutritious and just as satisfying in their own way! As a bonus, nutritionist Julie DesGroseilliers has prepared 5 videos to inspire you to prepare salads that are as fresh as they are delicious. Maison Orphée has also created a special warm asparagus salad with walnut crispy bacon developed in collaboration with Science + Fourchette

An Initiative Inspired by Maison Orphée’s 40th Anniversary

Maison Orphée recently commemorated its 40th anniversary by introducing its signature product, The Perfect Oil™, made from extra virgin olive and virgin seed oils. Use it instead of your regular oils in your recipes. It makes every dish more delicious with its sweet, buttery flavour and balanced profile. Its composition has been created to contain a perfect ratio of essential fatty acids.

Maison Orphée has an extensive range of top-tier oils and condiments, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for those striving to embrace a better way of eating, without compromise. For this exciting inaugural Salad Week, Quebec’s Maison Orphée has garnered the enthusiastic support of several local companies, including GoGo Quinoa, Fruit d’Or, Natur Source, Les Belles récoltes de Charlevoix, Food Crayon by The Foodie Family, Must and Gen V.

How to Participate

Participants are encouraged to share their culinary creations on social networks, fostering a vibrant community of salad enthusiasts. Budding foodies and long-time epicureans can actively participate in the first Salad Week in two ways:

  1. By participating in the “Win your salad set” contest on the Maison Orphée Facebook page. It’s easy: all you have to do is share your favourite salad ingredient in the Comments section of the contest post.
    You could win a salad kit valued at $200, and a Gen V gift certificate to buy fresh vegetables.
  2. By posting pics of your creations on social media with the keywords #semaineelasalade #saladweek. On June 12, the 4 most shared gourmet photos will then be shared in a special newsletter. The creators will all receive a $50 gift card to get their hands on great products in their online store.

Proudly established in Québec City, Maison Orphée is a 100% Québec-based company run by the Bélanger sisters, Élisabeth and Élaine, who inspire and mobilize a large family of over forty employees who are passionate about healthy and tasty food. Over time, the company has added vinegar and mustard production to its oil extraction business, followed by vinaigrettes and mayonnaises using its own premium ingredients.



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