Groupe Nordik has opened their first spa location in Ontario. Located in Whitby, this new facility follows the success of their first Nordik Spa-Nature location in Chelsea, Quebec that opened in 2005, and their second Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature location in Winnipeg, Manitoba that opened in 2015. 

This newest location is the first under their Thermëa Spa Village banner, and offers a wide selection of experiences dedicated to the well-being of the mind and body.  The property combines unique experiences inspired by rituals found around the world on a site with a distinctly Canadian character, where nature is prominent, and modernity meets accents of the past. Pulling up to the entrance surrounded by the urban sprawl of Whitby, it’s hard to imagine that you’re about to enter an urban oasis of tranquility. The self check-in kiosks aim to make everything an efficient and seamless experience.

Thermal Experience – saunas, baths, and rituals

For those wanting a full day of relaxation, the Thermal Experience is a great introduction to the various baths, saunas, and lounging areas. Thermotherapy is a 2000-year-old Nordic tradition, an alternation between hot and cold, followed by rest. Better sleep, improved physical and mental health, accelerated recovery and healing are only a few of the benefits reaped from this practice Guests can enjoy all steam baths, soaking pools, hot and cold sauna rituals, lounge and bathing areas, fire pits, and other soothing experiences throughout the grounds. The spa village also incorporates innovative technology such as Fläm, a proprietary duo-energy driven sauna, as well as Kello, a sauna with a unique auto-infusion technology. The water tower offers guests an innovative cold plunge experience to cool down after a hot soak.

As well, the German originated Aufguss Rituals take place throughout the day within the communal Loggä sauna, the largest event sauna in Canada with a one-of-a-kind amphitheatre interior design. It’s a sauna experience that heightens the effects of vaporization by using water enriched with essential oils along with towel-waving choreography conducted by Rituals Artisans to evenly disperse the scents to all. True to its Canadian roots, snowballs infused with essential oils are melted onto hot sauna stones. Choose from the 8-minute introductory Discovery Aufguss, the longer 15-minute Classic Aufguss, or the unique 18-minute hot/cold Arboreal Aufguss session where tree whisks are dipped in cold water to help moderate the body temperature. Sessions are throughout the day, and guests can attend as many as they would like during their visit.

The entry fee also includes a locker, robe, towels, and a facility bracelet that all purchases can be easily applied to and billed directly to your credit card upon departure.

Källa – a flotation sanctuary

Imagine entering a silent sanctuary, and floating blissfully in warm soothing waters, experiencing the sensation weightlessness within the largest saltwater floatation pool in North America. Far more than a saltwater treatment, time spent within the heart of Källa is a therapeutic experience. As you float, a growing sense of ease takes over your body: breathing and heart rates slow, as muscle tension and blood pressure decrease as endorphins take over to offer relief to tired and aching muscles. Flotation and meditation strengthens the immune system, aids in better sleep, improves brain functions, and creates antibodies by triggering a rejuvenating relaxation response. By relieving the gravitational pressure constantly exerted on muscles, bones, tendons, joints and ligaments, Källa can alleviate pains from inflammation, broken bones and bruises, muscle strain, sprains, arthritis, and more. 

Epsom salt, also known as Magnesium sulphate, is composed of sulphur, magnesium, and oxygen. When added to water, the water’s density is increased thereby allowing you to enjoy the benefits of flotation therapy. When Magnesium is absorbed by the skin, it expels toxins from the body, relaxes the nervous system, reduces swelling, and soothes muscles. Entry is via an additional fee, which allows for unlimited access during your visit.

Rhassoul – a self-wellness experience

Enter a sauna haze of aromatic steam that’s combined with a rejuvenating experience of green clay mask, and orange blossom exfoliating body scrub. This experience allows the body to absorb rich minerals and stimulate the release of impurities by opening the body pores. The 30-minute treatment concludes with an argan oil moisturizer that leaves your skin soft, toned, and nourished. To enchant all your senses, traditional Moroccan mint tea and Turkish delights are offered at the conclusion of your session. Additional fee is required.

Body Care – facials, scrubs, and massages

Additional paid services onsite include a wide array of personalized face, body and foot care treatments, from salt stone rubbings to hydrating or peel-off masks, scrubs, moisturizing wraps, and personalized massages. Estheticians use Comfort Zone skincare products during treatments. Created in 1996 and made in Italy, their formulas are innovative, solutions-driven, sustainable, and guided by both wellness and science. There are a total of 25 massage and treatment rooms located within a separate exclusive area on the property.

Dining – three unique culinary offerings

Be sure to take time to grab a bite or beverage at one of the three dining options located on the premises. Quick bites, shareable plates, classic meals, delectable desserts, and an array of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are all available to spa guests only. Guests can indulge in exquisite culinary experiences from Whitby-based Chef James Piggott. Striving for excellence and unprecedented quality, the spa village sought to work with local suppliers to provide guests with unique local experiences. 

Lounge is the casual eatery that offers perfectly crafted cocktails and tasty bites to share while surrounded by crackling fireplaces, amidst an array of varied seating options. This is a perfect spot for a midday meal.

Biergarden offers a elevated getaway with panoramic views of the entire complex. It’s a perfect way to end your day, or evening with a beverage and a bite. Both indoor and outdoor seating is offered, making it flexible for all seasons.

Le Resto is where to go for a fine dining experience, even while wrapped up comfortably in your robe. It offers a globally infused menu featuring artfully composed plates designed to take you on an elevated dining journey created with aromatic spices and culinary techniques. This is the ultimate ending to a relaxed day at the spa. The dimly lit space with wooden decor gives the feel of a classic steakhouse. Be sure to check out their extensive wine list to complete your day or evening.


Thermea Spa Village is located at 4015 Cochrane St, Whitby, a short uber from Whitby GO station, or there is plenty of free parking available. Groupe Nordik plans to develop 10 spas across North America by 2027.


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