Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) recently welcomed the arrival of Condor Airlines, new Airbus A330neo aircraft which will be used on the Frankfurt-Toronto route five times a week, with easy connections to 100+ destinations throughout Europe and beyond.  Easy connectivity within Canada is made possible via Condor’s partner, WestJet, which is conveniently located at Pearson International’s Terminal 3, alongside Condor.

Reducing Carbon Footprint With Technology

The carrier is converting its entire long-haul fleet to the A330neo, which will be on all of Condor’s long-haul flights to North America by 2024. The A330neo is the new version of the popular A330 wide body aircraft, incorporating the latest generation Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, new wings and aerodynamic innovations. The aircraft reduces Condor’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20 percent. The A330neo consumes just a half a gallon of fuel, per passenger, per 62 miles flown — well below the industry average. It is the first aircraft in the world already certified for the regulatory reduction in CO2 emissions, which will be required by 2028, and that subsequently will reduce travellers’ environmental footprint. The A330neo supports state-of-the-art flight and navigation systems tailored to Condor’s exacting requirements, resulting in more noise and CO2 efficient approach and departure procedures, even at particularly high-altitude airports, reducing noise pollution by up to 60 percent.

Unrivalled Passenger Comfort Inflight

Condor’s A330neo will offer unrivalled inflight passenger comfort and will accommodate 310 passengers, featuring 30 seats in Business, 64 seats in Premium Economy, and 216 seats in Economy class. The A330neo features an award-winning, whisper quiet Airspace cabin, providing passengers with a high level of comfort, ambiance, and design. This includes offering more personal space, larger overhead bins, a new lighting system, and the ability to offer the latest in-flight entertainment systems and connectivity. The A330neo also features a state-of-the-art cabin air system, ensuring a clean and safe environment during the flight.

Economy, Premium Economy, and Business, featuring Select Exclusive “Prime” Seating Options


The new Condor Business Class offers 30, lie-flat (180 degree) seats in a 1-2-1 configuration with direct aisle access for all guests. The seat conveniently converts to a 76-inch long by 19-inch-wide bed. Business Class guests have access to the latest movies, series, podcasts, and games, all accessible on a 17.3-inch screen in 4K mode, with touchscreen and remote control. The first row of Business Class will also feature four “Prime Seats”, with added space large enough to accommodate two guests who wish to dine together and an extra large, 24-inch entertainment screen. The “Prime Seats” feature added in-flight amenities including a premium travel kit, inflight pajamas and a premium snack basket.


In Premium Economy Class, guests enjoy more personal space thanks to a generous extra seat pitch of 35 inches and a greater backrest angle of up to six inches. In addition, the multi-adjustable headrest and footrest at every seat ensure a significantly more comfortable flight experience. Both the Premium Economy Class and Economy Class seats have 13.3-inch in-seat 4K monitors with touchscreens, which can be used to enjoy the extensive in-flight-program. Condor’s A330neo features a 2-4-2 seating configuration in both classes.

A brand-new feature awaits guests in all three classes: Condor’s new A330neo offers high-speed broadband internet and onboard connectivity. The latest in-flight-entertainment technology provides a wide of films, series, and podcasts. Each seat has an extra holder for mobile device, so that streaming is also possible. In addition, personal Bluetooth headphones can be connected to the aircraft’s in-flight-entertainment system. The cabin also features mood lighting in all three classes that can be individually adjusted to suit the time of day. This helps guests aboard to fall asleep easily and wake up more relaxed.

Modern Elegance with Stylish Accents

Visually, the new cabin product impresses with a stylish color concept featuring the “Condor Marina” and “Condor Earth” color schemes as well as subtle stripes as a recurring design element. This includes a striped badge on every seat as well as uniformly striped headrest covers in Business and Premium Economy Class. This complements Condor’s new branding which is proudly displayed on the exterior of each A330neo. The design of the cabin was implemented by the design agency müller/romca industrial design based in Kiel. Remo Masala, owner of the visionalphabet agency in Berlin, who designed Condor’s new brand identity, guided the process with creative direction.

About Condor

As Germany’s most popular leisure airline, Condor has been taking its guests to the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations for more than 65 years. Every year, more than nine million guests fly with Condor from the nine largest airports in Germany, from Zurich in Switzerland and Vienna in Austria to around 90 destinations in Europe, Africa and North America. Condor operates a fleet of over 50 aircraft, which are maintained by the company’s own maintenance operation, Condor Technik GmbH, according to the highest safety standards at the Frankfurt and Dusseldorf locations. In spring 2022, Germany’s most popular vacation carrier unveiled its new brand identity: Condor is vacation and vacation is stripes. Inspired by parasols, bath towels and beach chairs, Condor now wears stripes in five colours. This clearly shows the development from a vacation airline to a unique and unmistakable vacation brand. The new design was unveiled with the first A330neo, which will take off for Condor from fall 2022. As the German launch customer, Condor will then be flying 18 A330neo long-haul aircraft. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and maximum efficiency, the latest-generation two-litre aircraft is the European front-runner, consuming just half a gallon of fuel, per passenger, per 62 miles flown and provides maximum customer comfort. Moreover, Condor will receive 41 brand-new short- and medium-haul aircraft of the A32Xneo family from 2024 and will therefore enable a more responsible way of travelling in the future.

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