This summer, the iconic brand Lay’s is reinventing itself by launching three limited edition chip flavours as part of their Lay’s Flavour Icons campaign, that are inspired by fellow snack brands Doritos, Smartfood, and Miss Vickie’s. To celebrate, the Lay’s brand is reinventing the iconic song Take On Me by A-ha and has partnered with three Canadian musicians to record their own take on the track in a genre inspired by each limited edition flavour.

The Flavours

Doritos Nacho Cheese, Smartfood White Cheddar, and Miss Vickie’s Spicy Dill Pickle will now be rebranded and available as Lay’s Nacho Cheese flavoured potato chips, Lay’s White Cheddar flavoured potato chips, and Lay’s Spicy Dill Pickle flavoured potato chips.

The Musicians

Lay’s asked three Canadian musicians to reinvent the iconic song Take On Me by A-ha, each drawing inspiration from one of the limited edition flavours. Lay’s Nacho Cheese is inspired as a hip hop track, Lay’s White Cheddar is inspired as a pop track, and Lay’s Spicy Dill Pickle is inspired as a country track. The tracks were created by the following musicians:

City Fidelia (Ottawa, ON)

    • A bilingual Canadian rapper, community builder, and entrepreneur, representing Lay’s® x Doritos®. He created a bold hip hop take on the hit song in both English and French.
    • Having performed at sold-out shows in North America, Asia, and Europe, he often considers himself an artist from a small city with big dreams. His work in his community has led fans and followers to unofficially dub him the “Mayor of Ottawa.”

Crash Adams (Toronto, ON)

    • A best friend duo that creates pop songs infused with positivity, representing Lay’s® x Smartfood®. They’ve created a fresh and fun pop version of the iconic hit.
    • They are known for hitting the streets to create viral videos that deliver a dopamine-hit with their magnetic personalities online. They have over 1.5 billion views and 4.5M followers on TikTok.

Lindsay Ell (Calgary, AB)

    • One of country music’s most celebrated female voices, representing Lay’s® x Miss Vickie’s®. She has delivered her take of the classic song with an added kick that makes it twangy and tangy.
    • Lindsay has two number one Canadian singles, Criminal and wAnt me back, and earned a 2023 Canadian Screen Award nomination (Best Host or Presenter, Factual or Reality/Competition) for her role as Host of Canada’s Got Talent.

Canadians can now listen to their takes at Lay’ and find out more about these new musically inspired flavours.

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