Moosehead Breweries has revealed a brand redesign that includes new packaging for its core family of brands, including Moosehead Lager, Moosehead Light and Moosehead Radler. One that features its quintessential moose at the forefront, with a modern twist as the brand looks to the future. This is the brand’s first visual identity update in five years, coinciding with the launch of Moosehead Lager’s newest brand campaign. The brand’s majestic moose icon continues to play a central role in the new packaging – albeit with a few updates – and features prominently on the Moosehead Lager and Moosehead Light labels. ​ 

The new creative continues to build on the Beer With Your Name On It campaign Moosehead launched last summer, and continues to invite Canadians to tag Moosehead (@moosehead) on social posts where they feature their awesome achievements for a chance to be rewarded with a personalized can of Moosehead Lager with their name on it. The campaign generated thousands of submissions – and thousands of cans of personalized beer were sent out across Canada. The overwhelming response inspired the brewery to extend the story for a second year. 

About Moosehead Breweries

Moosehead has been led by the Oland family since 1867, making us the last major brewery in Canada still owned by Canadians. Our 155 year history is as rich as the flavour of our beer. Today we exist to reawaken and reward the courage to go after what’s difficult, because we know that obstacles are opportunities to show the world what you’re capable of. 

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