The no/low-alcohol beverage category is experiencing explosive growth worldwide and the market is forecasted to grow from $923 million in 2020 to more than $1.7 trillion by 2028. Below are two great options that have recently arrived in the Canadian market.


Bibi Sparkling Italian Aperitivo Soda strikes the balance between paying homage to classic ‘rosso’ (red) soda bitter consumers and to welcoming new fans into the category by offering a lighter, fresher, slightly more citrusy twist in a trendy, attractive cocktail-mixer-sized can format. A classic ‘rosso-amaro’ red, blood orange infusion of bittersweet herbs, spices, selected roots with a fresh, brighter citrusy twist. Less syrupy-sweet than typical rosso-amaro bitters and only 70 calories per can. Perfect on its own or as a cocktail mixer (with or without alcohol)

Like many North American sodas, Italian sodas began as medicinal elixirs that evolved to become recreational, subbing into golden hour as a soft replacement for classic aperitivo cocktails, with distinctive aromatics and flavours derived from botanical extracts. Made with premium all natural flavours sourced from a hundred year old artisanal flavour house in Italy that produces the world’s best selling chinotto sodas. Made with cane sugar, not with the more common glucose fructose used in many bitter sodas

Undone spirits allows you to enjoy the taste of your favourite cocktails without the side effects of alcohol! Drink what you want, when you want. Go out, have fun, meet your friends, enjoy that time to the fullest. And if you want to experience it without alcohol, UNDONE might be your alternative for an unforgettable evening. Like the famous alchemists, it is believed that the spirit of a distillate lies in the essence and not in the alcohol. The base for all UNDONE replicating spirits are indeed high end gins or rums distilled in copper pot-stills, which then has the alcohol extracted to rebuild the aromas using natural flavors to increase the intensity and genuine taste. All are packaged as 6x750ml with 0.3% alcohol.

Not Rum

The aroma and taste of a Caribbean rum. Tropical fruits and the typical ester aromas of Jamaican distillates. On the palate you can taste mango notes and the light sweetness of sugar cane, combined with a slightly peppery spiciness, which lingers.

Not Gin

The aroma and taste of a classic London Dry Gin. In the nose is freshly picked juniper, clear citrus notes and a hint of cucumber peel. On the palate it presents a clear juniper aroma, light herbal notes and an intense citrusy taste.

Not Whiskey

The aroma and taste of a classic American malt. Alcohol removed from a unique blend of American Bourbon and Irish Whisky, combining the essences of two worlds to create a perfect mixing base. A smooth blend with woody barrel notes, honey, vanilla, orange peel, apple and a touch of smoke.

Not Mezcal

The aroma and taste of a classic Mexican smoky agave. Carefully refined. An exiting floral agave liquid No.7 Not Orange Bitter. The aroma and taste of an Italian bitter liqueur. Earthy notes on the nose combined with the typical sweetish bitterness of Italian Amaros. On the palate you can taste ripe oranges and a spicy-bitter herb note, which dominates the bitter aftertaste.

Not Vermouth

The aroma and taste of an Italian vermouth. The nose offers the sweetness of fresh grapes combined with Mediterranean herbal scents such as thyme. On the palate a full bouquet of sweet orange, ginger and herb notes unfolds.

Not Red Vermouth

The aroma and taste of a Red Italian Vermouth, only without the alcohol. A bittersweet taste of grapes, oranges and berries. The typical bitterness of Italian herbs are complemented by notes of divine cinnamon and caramel.

soft crush are the curators of crush imports, soft crush offers sophisticated no-alcohol and low-alcohol (no/low) options catering to the sober-curious, the fit, the foodies, the young and the mature who seek beverage alternatives who don’t want to compromise on experience or great taste. Their portfolio of brands and products provides you with the refined options you’re craving. No matter hat your reasons are.

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