David Bowie Rainbowman tells the story of the legendary musician with the help of those intimately involved with the creation of his music. It’s one of the most authoritative works on the creation of Bowie’s music ever published.

With a focus on Bowie’s 1967-1980 albums, the book draws on over 150 interviews with the musicians, producers, and friends who knew Bowie best, including Robert Fripp, Hermione Farthingale, Lou Reed, George Underwood, Mick Ronson, Carlos Alomar, Trevor Bolder, Mike Garson, Woody Woodmansey and many, many others.

With an essay by author Jérôme Soligny on each album followed by oral histories from the most trusted and influential figures in Bowie’s musical life, this is the definitive guide to a singular and mercurial genius – the Rainbowman himself.

The book also includes a foreword by Tony Visconti, an introduction by Mike Garson, and cover photo by Mick Rock. A beautiful and stylish gift for Bowie fans, with over 700 pages filled with iconic photographs and a striking cover design by Barnbrook.

Available from Octopus Books.

Jérôme Soligny is a musician, writer and journalist based in France. Over the course of 25 years, Jérôme exchanged many emails with Bowie, and interviewed him on numerous occasions for Rock & Folk magazine. He was honoured with the Chevalier des Artes et Lettres in 2019 and is described by Bryan Ferry as ‘one of the great French authorities on contemporary music’.

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