The Work Boyfriend examines what happens when your quarter-life crisis might blow up your entire world.

Kelly has a great life. The kind of life one might wish for, in fact. She has an upwardly-mobile career, and a stable, loving relationship with her college boyfriend, Rob. They’ve got a great condo, and he feels like they’re moving in the right direction. Towards something. Towards something, together.

Except, the path in front of her might not be the way for Kelly at all, and the only person who gets it is Garrett, her “work boyfriend.” He’s the one who really gets how trapped she feels. When everything spirals out of control during the holidays, Kelly should be celebrating the future, except she finds herself questioning what she really wants from her life . . . and who she wants in it.

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Rebecca Mardon is a Toronto-based author, publisher, and teacher. A lifelong reader and lover of romance, she can usually be found walking and reading. When not buried in a novel, she lives with her tennis-loving, musician husband and her hockey-obsessed son.

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