Color Pöp is an intense colour and care mask with six shades to choose from, empowering you to express yourself and embraceyour uniqueness, letting you be whoever you want to be.

These bold and pastel hair colours encourage everyday hair enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and bring out their fun, funky side! Color Pöp comes in three bold shades including, Purple, Pink, and Red, as well as three pastel shades including, Blue, Mint and Silver. Mix and match, or brightly shine in the colour of your choice.

Whether looking for a quick refresh in as little as five minutes, or for deeper colour in up to 15 minutes, Color Pöp delivers stunning results. As a bonus, this is a 2-in-1 conditioning and colour formula that leaves hair looking nourished with vibrant, healthy-looking shine that lasts up to six washes depending on the hair condition and base colour. 

With the holiday season upon us, why not stand out from the frenzied madness with a different hair colour each week? Surprise your family and friends every time you see them.

Here are a couple other ideas where you can pop!

  • Bachelorettes/Bachelors: Celebrate the last fling before the ring with attention-grabbing hair colours. Make colourful memories that will last a lifetime as the start of your story.
  • Concert Vibes: Stand out in the crowd at your favourite concerts with electrifying hair colours that match your music-loving spirit. Let the music move you and let your hair move with you.
  • Sporting events and charity runs: Inspire team unity and reveal your authentic self with attention-grabbing hair colours.

Color Pöp’s colour-depositing formula is a caring treatment for hair and is infused with panthenol, coconut and apricot kernel oils, It’s suitable for all hair textures, so everyone can join in on the fun.

For hair that really POPs – these colours work best with bleached blonde and grey, to medium brown hair. For darker hair colours users can use göt2b® Bleach It before Color Pöp for more intense colour application.

Available from Schwarzkopf at most major retailers. Experimenting with hair colour has never been easier!


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