Love with No Bounds: Celebrate Your Union at Chelsea Hotel, Toronto

If the big day is coming up for you and your partner, look no further than the Chelsea Hotel, Toronto to celebrate your love.

Nestled in downtown Toronto, the Chelsea Hotel offers a fusion of contemporary ambiance, customizable all-inclusive packages, and budget-friendly accommodations in one central location. Whether your vision is intimate or extravagant, traditional, or uniquely yours, count on our team of event experts to skillfully bring your authentic wedding daydreams to life.

As one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, Toronto is vibrant and fun, with many 2SLGBTQIA+ events centered in and around the Church-Wellesley Village. And what’s more – the Chelsea Hotel, Toronto is a short walking distance from The Village.

The hotel has always been a home away from home for members and allies of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community looking for a comfortable place to stay for a remarkable value, while also being connected to all the exciting attractions and events the city offers. In addition, being the largest hotel in Canada with 1590 rooms, you can bet we have space for you and your guests to stay on your wedding night, so you can simply take the elevator back to your room. Room blocks can also be arranged for preferred rates.

At the Chelsea, prioritizing client happiness is paramount. Specializing in and advocating for diverse multi-cultural and non-gender specific weddings, we bring our extensive experience to curate joyful wedding celebrations. Embracing various cultural and 2SLGBTQIA+ ceremonies, our venue offers a versatile array of options, ensuring a personalized and delightful experience tailored to meet every couple’s unique needs.

There are 21 event spaces at the hotel, with both outdoor and indoor spaces available. The functional options can accommodate up to 400 guests. From the Monarchs pub, to ballrooms, to the outdoor Market Garden patio, we definitely have the space for you.

Let’s not forget one of the most important elements of a wedding – the food! Our Executive Chef Gaurav Kapoor and his culinary team will showcase the freshest seasonal, local ingredients, impressing your guests with tray-passed hors d’oeuvres, chef-attended stations, elegant dinner entrées, and enjoyable late-night snacks.

With over 40 years of creating lifelong memories and surpassing expectations, the Chelsea excels in hosting a range of wedding events. Don’t shy away from what is important to you on your wedding day – bright décor, specialty cocktails, sashaying down the Mountbatten Laneway, there are no limits.

Work with an excellent team of event experts who are also certified wedding specialists. Anticipate an enjoyable and hassle-free journey with hands-on assistance guiding you all the way to your special day.

We cannot wait to host you as you say, “I do.”

Chelsea Hotel, Toronto

2SLGBTQIA+ Wedding Photography in the Heart of Toronto

A wedding is a joyous and celebratory occasion for all couples. For LGBT couples, however a wedding takes on a special significance. After all, same-sex marriages are a relatively new phenomenon even in progressive Canada. The first country outside of Europe and the fourth country in the whole world to legalise gay marriage, Canada has played host to some truly spectacular gay weddings. This is a hard-won right for the gay community. And there’s something truly triumphant about gay weddings that’s marvellous to behold.

As a wedding photographer it is a genuine pleasure to play a part in a wide variety of diverse yet equally special wedding days. A gay wedding can be as special and wondrous as it gets.

Of course, if you prefer a more sedate and low-key concept for your big day, that can be just as beautiful in its own way. The beauty of same-sex weddings (and, indeed all contemporary weddings) is that you can embrace tradition as much or as little as you like. Let’s take a walk through some of the fundamentals of an amazing LGBT engagement and wedding…

Rings and things

An engagement ring is traditionally given and received by those who want to make a solemn commitment. However, not everyone is a huge fan of rings. Indeed, a proposal is more than acceptable without any form of twinkly token. If your intended Mr. or Mrs. would prefer a trinket more befitting their personal style an engagement watch, engagement cufflinks, an engagement earring or an engagement necklace are also perfectly appropriate.

“Coming out” to your vendors

Most vendors such as venues, wedding planners, bakers and decorators of wedding cakes, room decorations and the like will be delighted to accommodate a gay-friendly wedding. However, as upsetting as this may be, there may be some who will only cater for heterosexual couples. As such, LGBT couples face a difficult choice, whether to “come out” to their vendors straight away. The choice is ultimately up to you, although the same-sex nature of your wedding will likely go a long way towards dictating your wedding’s aesthetic and so it may be in your best interests to be honest and open from the start.

LGBT wedding readings

Your choice of wedding readings adds a splash of personal colour to your ceremony. It can put a smile on the faces of guests or reduce everyone in the room to tears. It can add a very personal brand of solemnity to your proceedings. However, finding gender neutral readings can be tricky. If there are none that strike a personal chord with you, Wedding Wire has some great ones. There are no right or wrongs. A reading can be anything from a bible passage to a few lines from your favourite book. So long as it speaks to you and your partner and the love you share, that’s all that matters.

Your vows

Traditional wedding vows are markedly heteronormative. As such, you may wish to eschew them for your own. This can be an intimidating task (nothing as momentous as wedding vows should be easy) but it can also be extremely liberating to unshackle yourself from tradition. There are no right or wrong answers here and this is a classic example of where the best thing to do is to listen to your heart. If you’re truly lost for words, however, The Knot has some cool scripts that may be useful starting points for you.

Pride is what you make of it

As a same-sex couple, it’s likely that you want to use your wedding not only as a celebration of your love for one another but as a celebration of your gay pride. The great thing is that there are numerous ways to do this, and you can be as subtle or as flamboyant with it as you like. Some LGBT couples like to layer their wedding cake with different coloured sponges to recreate the Pride rainbow flag. Other couples may choose to represent these colours in a sensational multicoloured floral bouquet. Even multi-coloured balloons can be a great way to showcase your pride in a fun and engaging way.

What matters the most is that you and your guests have an amazing time celebrating your love!

Christophe Viseux Photography

Same-Sex Ceremonies at Bellamy Loft – Gay Weddings Packages in Toronto

Love is love. At Bellamy Loft, we accept all couples who want to celebrate their union. We have packages suited for any type of wedding you want. Elopement, intimate, or grand, we can make your dream day come true. We have the utmost respect for the LGBTQ community and will work together with you and your partner to make sure that your love is celebrated the way you want.

Wedding Ceremony

Get married conveniently in style! Perfect for elopements or those who want a stylish ceremony without a reception. Here are some options for you:

Just Making It Legal: officiant, decor, legal paper signing only (no ceremony)

Simply Married: officiant, decor, ceremony, music, bouquet & more

Micro Weddings

Intimate weddings are just as beautiful & special. Designed for couples with a guest list with 50 people or less. Our micro wedding packages are completely customizable. Get in touch with us and we’ll make sure to make your celebration extraordinary.

Intimate Ceremony & Reception

Wedding Ceremony Packages

Off-Site Wedding Packages

All-Inclusive Weddings

We love making our clients feel relaxed even during wedding planning. Tell us what you want, and we can make it happen for you. Our all-inclusive wedding packages take care of everything you want and need on your big day. No more stressing over the nitty-gritty. This includes our venue that can accommodate up to 100 guests, catering, decor, entertainment, and a whole lot more.

Customizable Packages

Ceremony & Reception Packages

Wedding Reception Packages

We simply love weddings and are fortunate to have formed solid business relationships with different suppliers and creatives in the same industry. For any additional concerns or requests, let us know and we’ll help you with other services you may need. We make celebrations easy and convenient. Whether it’s makeup, entertainment, music, transportation, photographers – inform us so we can assist you properly.

Customize your wedding day for a truly personal ceremony and reception. Choose a package from our options above and check out our available add-ons. Everything about this special day can be tailor-fitted to your needs. We’re just as excited as you are. Make wonderful memories at Bellamy Loft!

Bellamy Loft

Same-Sex Weddings with Peg Evans – Toronto and Surrounding Areas

I am proud to live in a country which acknowledges the right of LGBTQ couples to be lawfully married. While it is an honour to perform ceremonies of all types, there is for me, a sense of heightened importance in performing same-sex unions.

Knowing that same-sex marriages were only legally recognized in Canada in 2001 (the fourth country in the world to do so at the time), and in 2003 in Ontario, lends an element of triumph to these ceremonies. I also feel a sense of gratitude to those who have worked and struggled to advance gay rights, making LGBTQ union ceremonies a reality.

The creative process for developing a same-sex ceremony is no different from any other ceremony. Both individuals are publicly declaring their love and commitment to each other. They are pledging to continue that love, care, and support for the rest of their lives. That said, as a ceremony expert, I recognize that same-sex unions require special awareness of their many unique elements. For example:

What do you want to call the ceremony?

What do you want to call each other?

What pronouns do you want to use?

Whatever your preference for language and logistics, I will work with you to create a ceremony that is inclusive, respectful, and most importantly, joyous.

Let’s begin the conversation.

Peg Evans – Toronto-based Wedding Officiant, specializes in Same-sex weddings,
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Weddings.

Fabulous Wedding Ideas for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Same-sex weddings are becoming more and more common. If you’re planning for a gay or lesbian wedding, we have some fabulous ideas to inspire you, from subtle touches to dramatic details, whether they’re same sex cake toppers gift ideas or romantic wedding photos. Get inspired now!

Wedding Ceremony Seating Signs

You will be able to welcome your wedding guest with these fun signs to let them know that there are no planned seating assignments.

Here Comes the Brides/Grooms Signs

If you are looking for a fun way to make an entrance, these cute little signs certainly do just that!

Wedding Chair Signs

Because you are the VIPs, and everyone needs to know it!

Wedding Cake Toppers

It’s time add a personal touch with a wedding topper of you and your fiancé once you have chosen your wedding cake design.

Cute Cupcakes for Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Scrumptious little desserts should reflect your personalities and cupcakes are the perfect fit to show off exactly how awesome you two are.

Wedding Photography

You will look marvelous on your wedding day, so make sure you allow enough time with your photographer to capture your couple pictures.


These are something special for the seating assignments and for the couple’s cake/dessert table.

Elegant Wedding Invites

A Guide To Wedding Rings For Same-Sex Couples – James Allen

Your wedding ring is the ultimate reflection of the lifelong commitment you’ve made to your special someone. But can it be stylish and unique to your relationship? Of course! Join us as we explore classic and contemporary designs and concepts for same-sex couple wedding bands.

Wedding Rings for Same-Sex Couples 

So, you’re finally heading down the aisle, but you need that special ring that says forever and looks great?

Wedding ring shopping is far less stressful than picking out an engagement ring. Why? Well, this is something you and your partner can do together, there are a ton of classic and non-traditional rings to pick from, and you can make it as sentimental as you want.

Picking a wedding ring has about as many rules for same-sex couples as it does for any other couple. The beauty of a wedding ring is that your chosen band will always remind you of your partner whenever you catch a glimpse of it. That’s why you can let your imaginations run wild and truly get a wedding ring that you love and that reflects your relationship.

From matching wedding bands to rings with diamond accents and carved patterns, let us inspire you with our top picks for wedding rings for same-sex partners.

Matching wedding rings are a fun and sentimental choice for couples who want to be connected in a special way- like two halves of a whole. Wedding bands already carry such beautiful symbolism that getting matching bands only adds to your commitment and bond.

But there are many ways to match that aren’t a direct copy-paste. Here are some of our favorite matching wedding rings with a twist.

Traditional same-sex couple wedding bands

If you and your fiancé prefer the more traditional route, that is, plain precious metal bands, we recommend going for the classic yellow and white gold route or even platinum.

Classic wedding bands for men are usually a little thicker and also come in a variety of comfort-fit settings that can be domed, curved, or even flat.

But certainly, take your lifestyle into account. Do you or your partner work intense jobs where your hands bump into things? Do you work out often and lift weights?

If so, it might be better to invest in a set of matching rings with a stronger, more alternative metal like cobalt chrome. This is a white metal that could easily pass for gold, but it’s highly durable and scratch resistant.

Traditional wedding rings for women are usually thinner gold metal bands that would typically look aesthetically pleasing with their engagement rings. However, in some cases with lesbian couples, both partners may have an engagement ring they’d like to match their wedding band too.

This could make matching the rings a little problematic unless you’ve both got the same engagement ring metal color and even ring setting style. Alternatively, you could get matching wedding bands and wear them on the opposite hand as your engagement rings.

If only one of you has an engagement ring, things get a little easier when it comes to picking your matching rings.

Non-traditional same-sex couple wedding bands

Tradition is not for everyone, especially when your personal style or even beliefs don’t coincide. Now, we always believe that any piece of jewelry you own should reflect your personality or the meaning you hold to it.

For men, carved wedding rings can add that hint of your personality with an element of modern style. These rings come in a variety of precious and alternative metals and popular two-toned options. Carved wedding rings for men aren’t just perfect for matching with your partner, but they’re also trendy and can elevate your look- from your wedding attire to your everyday outfits.

For our non-traditional ladies, we have a few stunning options up our sleeve. Maybe the best way to match without really matching is by picking the same metal color but having different designs?

Here, you both have some leeway to add elements of your personal style to your bands but keep the foundation of your rings the same.

Diamond & Gemstone Wedding Rings

While most wedding band styles steer away from flashy diamond or gemstone accents, there really is no rule saying you can’t have them.

Eternity rings are another top choice as diamond wedding rings for same-sex couples. The romantic symbolism is undeniable and perfectly represents forever, with added sparkle!

Eternity and diamond stone rings can also be customized to fit your individual preferences. Let your partner know which diamond shape you prefer and what size suits you best. A dainty diamond band is perfect if it’ll sit alongside an engagement ring, alone, or stacked with your other favorite pieces. Thicker eternity rings are better as standalone pieces.

If you and your fiancé chose not to get engagement rings, then an eternity or diamond ring is a stunning choice as a wedding ring that can still give you dazzling diamond brilliance.

Contemporary Wedding Rings For Same-Sex Couples

Is your or your partner’s style more out there and daring? If one or both of you want a truly unique wedding ring, opt for a patterned design.

What we love most about rings with imagery, uniquely placed accents, and metal shaping is that they will always feel like they were made just for you. They’re so different and often theme-specific that you will have a deep connection to your ring above and beyond its ceremonial meaning.

The best thing about contemporary wedding rings is the fact that they can mirror your interests. If you love nature or nature-inspired jewelry, there are patterned wedding bands that can reflect that.

Wedding Rings For Same-Sex Couples FAQs

Do we need matching wedding rings?

The short answer is no. Matching wedding rings for same-sex partners is no more mandatory than it is for heterosexual couples. Matching rings is a personal choice you and your partner can make together.

Which hand do we wear our rings on?

Same-sex couples have been known to wear their rings in a number of different ways. From the traditional way with the ring worn on the left hand, to both partners wearing their rings on their right hands. In the end, you should decide on the hand that is most comfortable for you.

Should we customize our wedding rings?

Customized wedding rings can add a particularly personal touch to an already significant day. If you and your partner would like to customize your wedding bands, there are plenty of places to do so in-store and online.

Should we shop together for wedding rings?

You can shop together if you’ve both planned the style of your wedding rings, or you’d like to be there to choose your own. Of course, if you want it to be a surprise, you can always drop a hint to your partner and hope for the best.

Do we have to buy each other wedding rings?

You and your significant other don’t have to buy wedding rings. Whether you don’t believe in the symbolism or you aren’t jewelry folks, it’s always up to you! There are no right or wrong ways to tie the knot.

Should we engrave our wedding bands?

As a couple, getting your wedding bands engraved is a common and often thoughtful gesture to mark the rest of your lives together.

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