The Hôtel de Glace, a winter jewel in the Québec City region, has announced that the 2024 edition will transport visitors on an extraordinary adventure through time. Under the captivating theme of “Historic Timeline”, the artistic team is pushing the boundaries of imagination to create a Nordic experience that celebrates the evolution of our world.

This year, visitors are invited to take part in an immersive exploration through the history of life, music, fashion, video games, sports, exploration, writing and more. Evolution Hôtel de Glace is a Nordic journey through time, with every room, every chamber, and every corridor telling the story of a period in history, from ancient to modern times.

The ice sculptures will capture humanity’s most defining moments, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to experience a visual immersion of the past. These masterpieces, meticulously sculpted from ice and snow, will offer a truly unique visual and educational experience, where visitors can explore and discover important moments in many historical periods.

Guests are invited to book their overnight experience at Hôtel de Glace beginning January 4, 2024. Day visits are also available, which include access to the Winter Playground that includes tubing slides.

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