The lack of winter weather has me locked into Spring mode. I’m ready for patio drinks and lighter layers. Spring is a revival time for wardrobe: lighter colours, trendy prints, and fewer layers that give us a chance to shed the heaviness of the winter and find our vibe for the warmer months ahead.

Everything is energy. Even solid furniture gives off it’s own unique vibe. Colours, vibrant and neutral, all emit their own frequency — a specifically explosive and powerful energy when put together in a well balanced outfit. Not only that, the energy of the clothes and colours you wear has the ability to completely shift your mindset.

This Spring, vibrant colours are set to rejuvenate your wardrobe. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or someone who simply loves to stay updated with the latest styles, here’s a guide of some new colours to add into your wardrobe to be ready for the upcoming season. But first…

Out with the Old, In with the New

Before diving into the hottest colours of Spring 2024, it’s essential to declutter your wardrobe. Donate or recycle pieces that are in good condition but don’t align with your style anymore. Clearing out the clutter makes space for new additions and gives you a clearer vision of what you need.

Now that you’ve made some space, picture this like Spring’s fashion horoscope, lean into whatever vibes resonate with you:

Pastel Lilac:

Wear this when you are feeling creative, sensitive or empathetic — you’ll be seen as calming and nurturing. This ethereal vibe brings out youthful energy. Lilac has a unique ability to bring up a sense of nostalgia, a nod to the “good old days” and will have others drawn right into your vibe this Spring.


Electric and energetic. This is a great colour to wear on a day when you are completely feeling yourself, or better yet, a day when you need a pick me up! You’ll be sure to be the centre of attention — also known as a friendly colour, you might just attract that special someone!


There’s nothing more refreshing than mint. This goes for adding mint to your wardrobe too! Adding a punch of mint brings out a sense of energy and enthusiasm and cements you as a “stand out”, in the perfect not-too-loud way.

Chambray Blue:

If you want to appear regal and ready to do business, chambray blue is your go-to this Spring. Conveying notes of clarity, calmness and honesty, you’ll be seen as a light and sincere person who is one that others can rely on for support. The steel grey undertones add values of power and decisiveness. 

Marigold Yellow:

Bright and cheerful, marigold yellow is a standout colour this season. This beautiful hue brings a sense of excitement, openness and optimism. Lean into your self-esteem and personal power with this stunning colour, a true breath of fresh air.

Fashion has the power to completely shift your mindset. The Spring gives us the chance to bring in new energy to all we do, so why not start with some trendy and vibey hues? With these colours in mind, you’re ready to refresh your wardrobe for Spring 2024!

Anthony Tomizza

About the Author

Anthony Tomizza elevates creatives to own their inner icon by stepping into their most authentic expression through de-conditioning identity to unveil their true style. He provides not just a Queer Eye Tan-inspired makeover of your closet and fashion but also the 1:1 Karamo-style coaching. Together, allowing creative expression to flow for icons to gain visibility by elevating their image.