I’m an energetic junkie, my newsletter inbox and social media algorithms are always suggesting tips and tricks on how to master energy — days to ramp it up, days to go slow, and days where you could just feel downright emotional. It’s pretty accurate for me, or I could just be listening to too much of the new Ariana Grande album. 

How’s 2024 going? Are you looking for a redo? I’m always happy to have a fresh start, so when I came across a TikTok that said, “The energetic year starts on March 19 during the Spring Equinox” I said let’s turn back the clock!

Since everything is energy, the energetic cosmos strongly influences my wardrobe choices. Coming out of a winter full of blacks and neutrals, I’ve been craving colours and feelings of a fresh start. 

Lacking style inspiration? Look to the earthly patterns and cycles of the sun, the moon and the turns of seasons for direction. Read on for my go at fashion horoscope for the upcoming month…

Your Cosmic Couture guide:

The Spring Equinox on March 19 marked a time of renewal and rejuvenation. A chance to start fresh, leaving any letdowns of the last 3 months of 2024 go. Our spirits tend to feel lifted and our fashion sense gets the chance to awaken from winter slumber. Though the equinox itself has passed, the vibes are still stronger than ever.

Consider embracing: 

  • Airy fabrics – linens and light-feeling clothes
  • Flowy silhouettes, boho chic and light colours
  • Playful floral patterns, fun skirts and shirts

The eclipse on everyone’s lips is coming up on April 8. The moon will pass between earth and the Sun, obscuring the view of the sun on earth, and turning things dark for a few moments during the day. Eclipses are cosmic wild cards that shake things up and push us out of our comfort zones energetically. So what are you wearing for the eclipse? Here’s some moody suggestions:

  • Black faux leather mini skirt paired with a graphic tee
  • Oversized denim jacket paired with earthy tones
  • Sheer/lace shirt or leggings layered with a graphic tee or skirt
  • Chunky combat boots for an edgy vibe
  • Layered chain necklaces, studded belt, and hoop earrings for statement accessories

Finally, the Pink Moon on April 16 couldn’t come at a better time as Nicki Minaj brings her Pink Friday 2 Tour to Toronto for the first night on April 18. While you can catch me at the concert with my loudest pink prints on, this Pink Moon radiates a sense of joy and optimism, perfect to infuse your wardrobe with playful nods of colour. So on top of pink… look out for:

  • Shades of coral
  • Blush pink
  • Sky blue
  • Matched with simple prints and bold accessories for a fun and carefree look

Fashion is so versatile and can be influenced by many factors. For me, it’s deeply connected to my mood and so when I leaned into dressing based on what the earth was naturally doing, I started to have a lot of fun with it.

Whether you’re dancing under the stars, embracing the transformative energy of an eclipse, or basking in the optimism of the Pink Moon, remember to let your style reflect the magic of all you truly are. After all, in a world fueled by energy, your wardrobe is your cosmic canvas, waiting to be adorned with the colours of the world. Embrace cosmic couture, and let your fashion journey be guided by the stars.

About the Author

Anthony Tomizza elevates creatives to own their inner icon by stepping into their most authentic expression through de-conditioning identity to unveil their true style. He provides not just a Queer Eye Tan-inspired makeover of your closet and fashion but also the 1:1 Karamo-style coaching. Together, allowing creative expression to flow for icons to gain visibility by elevating their image. anthonytomizza.com