Tether, a leading name in the Canadian cannabis industry, prepares for its third annual Budtender Appreciation Week (‘B-Week’), a celebration that brings together Budtenders, retail decision-makers, and brands from across Canada for a week of collaborative events. Scheduled to take place from March 25 to March 31, 2024 across the country, with a stop in Mississauga on March 27, 2024. B-Week aims to recognize the indispensable contributions of Budtenders to the cannabis sector. 

During B-Week 2023, Tether successfully engaged hundreds of Budtenders from across Canada. This year’s Budtender Appreciation Week promises to be even more impactful, offering a unique platform for networking, education, and community-building. Tether has curated a week-long series of opportunities that include retail visits, a virtual SESH, educational sampling events, and industry gatherings.

Budtenders stand at the forefront of the cannabis industry, playing a pivotal role in educating the public, shaping consumer preferences, and influencing the trajectory of the industry. Introduced in 2021, Tether is a growing community that engages more than 4,500 Canadian Budtenders and cannabis retailers. Known for its commitment to supporting the cannabis industry, Tether showcases its dedication through various initiatives, with the highly anticipated Budtender Appreciation Week being a highlight for Budtenders and participating brands and retailers. 

We take great pride in the value that B-Week has provided the cannabis industry over the past three years,” says Katie Pringle, CEO and Co-Founder of Tether. “From hosting national virtual events to orchestrating local sampling initiatives, we are grateful to the Tether community of Budtenders and our partner brands. 2024 is set to be our best year yet.”

B-Week 2024 Schedule of Events

  • Canada-wide Virtual SESH (4:20 PT / 7:20 ET) – a Budtender and retailer virtual gathering to meet incredible brands, win prizes, and network

  • Mississauga Sampling Event – March 27, 2024

  • Store Visits – team Tether will be visiting retailers in Ontario and BC with surprises

To learn more about Tether and Budtender Appreciation Week, visit tetherbuds.com/b-week. To stay up to date with event details and brand announcements, follow @tetherbuds on Instagram.

Attendance at Tether’s B-Week events is strictly limited to those who meet the minimum age in their province or territory. Pre-registration is required to guarantee your spot.

About Tether
Tether is Canada’s Budtender community, connecting cannabis brands with a network of over 4,500 Budtenders from across Canada. By providing Budtenders with the necessary education, connections, and resources to succeed and providing brands with a cost-effective way to connect, promote and educate, Tether paves the way for a stronger community and a brighter future for the industry. To learn more, visit https://tetherbuds.com/.

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