BIKE, founded in 1874, revolutionized men’s underwear by being the first to add structure and protection without limiting comfort or mobility. Since that day, over 350 million jockstraps have been sold worldwide. BIKE’s longevity puts it firmly in the pantheons of enduring fashion brands, such as  Brooks Brothers (1818), Levi’s (1853), LEE (1889), and LL Bean (1912).

C. F. Bennett invented the jockstrap to protect bicycle jockeys riding Boston’s cobblestone streets. Before this fashion milestone, “loose britches” were the norm. The jockstrap grew in popularity, providing comfort and support during athletic activities. Whether in gym class or on professional players, most athletes wore BIKE protective wear by the 1980s. The structure and comfort provided by the jockstrap were the foundation of modern men’s underwear.

BIKE has moved beyond its traditional roots as a jockstrap and protective gear company to become a retro-inspired fashion collection. Underwear is its fastest-growing category, and its cheeky “Get In Our Underwear” site section has expanded to reinterpretations of jockstrap design rendered as fuller undergarments while maintaining a sexy, sporty, 70s aesthetic. The Heritage Collection includes a classic mesh “Practice Jersey” and “Coaches Short” – a design sold for many years as part of a team’s uniform and is now enjoying a stylish come-back.

Bike is unique and thrived for 150 years through constant innovations to remain relevant and serve its athletic consumer continuously. We’ve modernized the designs for jockstrap enthusiasts who appreciate its authenticity and created an expanded collection of underwear and apparel for everyone. We’re happy to support consumers who support us, pun intended!” said Alex Angelchik, CEO, BIKE Athletic.

To celebrate, BIKE introduces a limited-edition anniversary jock. A replica of the beloved Original #10, this jockstrap comes in black with gold leg straps adorned with the 150th-anniversary logo. Each is numbered (1-150), accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, and nestled within a commemorative box.

Additionally, a full anniversary fashion collection will also be available. Check out the website for more details on the following upcoming new product releases.

May 1 (International Jockstrap Day) –  new teal jock and teal practice jersey. 

June 1 – new Pride Tank and Pride Socks. 

August 8 – new Active Thong and Active Brief Underwear. 


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