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Tips for better treatment of transgendered patients at fertility clinics

posted Friday, April 8, 2016

by: in Law

You may have come across an article recently about a transgendered man feeling mistreated at a fertility clinic. He reported being called “she” and feeling degraded for a multitude of reasons. Although no one can undo the humiliation that this individual felt, as a health lawyer who regularly works with both fertility clinics and patients […]

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LGBTQ Individuals and couples now entitled to IVF Funding

posted Tuesday, November 3, 2015

by: in Law

It is now more affordable to make a baby… As of December 2015 the Ontario government will start to pay for one round of IVF for people with infertility, which includes people who cannot conceive naturally due to sexual orientation (i.e. “non-medical infertility”). This is great news because many same-sex couples cannot become parents due […]

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